3 Craftsmen of the Japanese sword - Making the habaki

An exclusive short documentary about the traditional Japanese art of sword making. This recording was made by the Japanese government in the Bizen Osafune Japanese sword museum (aka Bizen Osafune Token Village) and is one of the few recordings of the complete craft (forging, polishing and mounting) is shown by traditional Japanese craftsmen.

Source: YouTube

When you’re reading a really good fanfiction


When you’re reading a really good fanfiction with terrible spelling and grammar



Animation plus a single frame that shows the real resolution. Please click the link to see the actual size instead of the piece of crap I provided you with because I’m a retard and didn’t know how to scale it down.


Anyway, grass wings would be rather neat, don’t you think?

Holy shit this took forever to make

"My older brother and sister are both adopted from South Korea. We’re all pretty close even though we’re only related through paper. One of the things that bonded us was Disney movies/Pixar. Like Monsters Inc, Sword in the Stone, Mulan, etc. We would recite quotes from the movies. We still do it even now. It’s one of the things that make really happy."

Square Enix has published a new bunch of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD. These “After Jump Festa 2015″ screenshots are introducing five members from Class Zero: Machina, Queen, Ace, Rem and Nine.

ACE | BORN: 10th JULY | AGE: 16 | HEIGHT: 168cm | VA: Yūki Kaji

While he maintains a cool exterior, he has a tendency to act recklessly. However, he is a kind and gentle boy at heart and he loves chocobos. In the battlefield, he wields a magical card deck to damage enemies from the distance.

QUEEN | BORN: 24th JANUARY | AGE: 17 | HEIGHT: 165cm | VA: Ami Koshimizu

Upright, incorruptible, and intelligent. She has a straight-laced attitude like her dependable blade. A class president type that does not forgive injustice. Her knowledge of magic is impressive.

NINE | BORN: 13th FEBRUARY | AGE: 17 | HEIGHT: 185cm | VA: Daisuke Ono

Enthusiastic and direct, he likes to quickly make black-and-white distinctions. He is the black sheep of Class Zero when it comes to exam results. However, when it comes to finding in the battlefield, he is the top class.

REM | AGE: 17 | HEIGHT: 160cm | VA: Ryoko Shiraishi

Rem is one of the recent members of Class Zero. She and Machina have known each other since forever and they used to attend the same class, Class Seven. She is a girl with a kind heart and pure morals, which makes her an awfully poor liar. The most funny thing is that she actually thinks she is good at lying, but she never fools her friends.

MACHINA | AGE: 17 | HEIGHT: 175cm | VA: Hiroshi Kamiya

Machina and Rem are the newest addition to Class Zero and they’re childhood friends. He is one of the most skilled fighters in the Academo and tries to improve himself constantly. As he is very self-motivated, Machina tends to feel a bt distant to others.

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New Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Screenshots & Key Art | Introducing Machina, Queen, Ace, Rem & Nice Square Enix has published a new bunch of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD. These “After Jump Festa 2015” screenshots are introducing five members from Class Zero: Machina, Queen, Ace, Rem and Nine.

Kuroko no Basuke Extra Game

Hoho, who’s excited for this? We can’t wait to see Kagami Taiga play together with the Generation of Miracles! Finally! (And oh, Akashi’s bangs is growing longer, hihi. ♥) (ノ≧∇≦)ノ ミ ┸┸

The RAW is out but we shall wait for the scanlation! 


#Longsword #WMA #HEMA #Medieval

Classic Medieval Longsword Oakeshott Type XIIa

Editor’s Note: Text below translated by Google from the original Italian text.

Straight, double-edged blade with central fuller; straight quillon with arms of square section, slightly thicker toward the centre; round pommel, flatted at the front and rear side. The surface features rust damages, but still good. 

Length 100 cm.

4000.00€ | 5000.00€ December 2014

For more information on Oakeshott Type XIIa Longswords see this extract from Ewart Oakeshott’s Records of the Medieval Swordsword-site.com/thread/128/oakeshott-type-records-medieval-sword

Read more: http://sword-site.com/thread/1033/classic-medieval-longsword-oakeshott-type#ixzz3N0E8w0sL

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grey's anatomy sentence meme prt. iii
  • " so how did you want to handle this? "
  • " you intimidate me a little. "
  • " i'll do better, i promise. "
  • " we can do this. "
  • " you changed my life, you made it better, made it brighter. "
  • " don't you dare die, we're not finished yet. "
  • " every day we face death. "
  • " do you want to dance it out? "
  • " do you want to drink tequila? "
  • " if i was the kind of person who kissed people, i'd kiss you. "
  • " i tried to change. "
  • " a wo(man) can change. "
  • " not everybody has to be happy all the time. "
  • " are you in the dark place? "
  • " why are you avoiding me? "
  • " it's gonna be okay. "
  • " should i leave? "
  • " don't say anything. "
  • " i don't know how you get up in the morning. "
  • " i'm not done loving you. "
  • " when did you become an optimist? "
  • " don't get mad at me because i care. "
  • " you don't have to say anything. "
  • " the hard part is over, right? "
  • " if you see the warm, welcoming light, do not go into it. "
  • " my head is exploding. "
  • " are... are you mad at me? "
  • " i wish i was all someone thought about. "
  • " what separates you from the other's is greatness. "
  • " i'm never good enough, no matter what i say or do. "
  • " you don't have to do this. "
  • " we've gotten this far. "
  • " i wish i was secure enough to handle that without a bruised ego and a lot of processed sugar. "
  • " so you think i'm broken? fix me. "
  • " i don't want to lose you. "
  • " i still love you whether you're capable of letting me or not. "
  • " don't ask me if i'm okay. "
  • " i was a kid then, but i'm a wo(man) now, so i'll do better. "
  • " i deserve a second chance. "
  • " i wanted to be better for you. "
  • " i know how hard for you to trust people, and i just wanted to be someone you can depend on. "
  • " go! get out of here! "
  • " i'm not a bad wo(man). "
  • " i want to come home to you. "