sword of the atom

L is for Laethwyn

Laethwyn was the love interest for Ray Palmer in the Sword of the Atom Mini-Series and Specials in the mid 1980s. Unfortunately, she went bye-bye when the Atom got relaunched in more traditional super-hero stories later. I think the horrible third Sword of the Atom Special also did something to kill the Sword of the Atom franchise, which was a wonderful homage to Edgar Rice Burroughs’ John Carter.

UPDATE: Updated to the color version. You can also buy a print of this drawing if you’re so inclined, over at DeviantArt.

My one Gil Kane original. Sword of the Atom.

Autographed bt artist Gil Kane and writer Jan Strnad.

Lots of Wite-out on this ( I guess Gil spilled something?).

I liked Gil’s art best when he inked himself, like on this. However he sometimes inked with a MARKER ( as on portions of this) not just with traditional India ink with pen & brush.