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Translated summary:

The Swiss parliament just rejected mandatory registration for guns bought before 2008 (naturally the majority of guns in the country). Supporters argued that the police should be able to check beforehand if someone owns guns, whereas opponents pointed out that there is no place for such a distrust by the state towards its citizens and that this would constitute a “creeping disarmament” of the Swiss people.

In a vote, the proposal was rejected by 106 to 84 votes. Guns bought after 2008 do need to be registered (most likely because of EU-associate treaties).

This is a victory for gun rights and proves once again that Switzerland is Europe’s freest country, truly an example to the rest of us.



The actress Audrey Hepburn photographed by Hans Gerber in a boat on a lake in Bürgenstock (Switzerland), in August 1954.

Audrey was wearing:

  • Shorts: Emilio Pucci (of white piqué with a pattern in black as a plaid, detail of two fake pockets, label: “Made in Italy by Emilio Capri”, of his collection for the Spring/Summer of 1954).
Yann Sommer Imagine for Anonymous and Anonymous

“I don’t understand why you’re making this such a big deal?” You heard the door slam behind you. It had been shut so loud you felt like it would come off the hinges. “That’s because it is a big deal.” You and Yann had been constantly fighting ever since you got into the car after a party that the two of you had gone two. At the party, you had met one of your old friends and had spent time catching up with him. That was apparently what was bugging Yann, because as soon as you had gotten into the car when you were leaving the party he began to accuse you of flirting with your friend.

You turned around and looked Yann straight in the eyes. It had been a while sine you looked him in the eyes. You hadn’t properly looked at him since the beginning of your fight. You had tried to avoid eye contact with him since the beginning of the fight. It was a defense mechanism that you had. Any time you would get into a fight with someone you would always avoid looking at them so that they weren’t able to see how vulnerable yu were or how much there eyes were hurting you.

The only reason you turned around to face Yann was because you knew that this fight would never end unless you faced him. In order for him to understand that you really hadn’t flirted with someone else, you had to look him in the yes and tell him otherwise he would never believe you. You walked over to where Yann stood and placed your hand on both side of his cheeks and forced him to look at you. 

“I did not flirt with anybody. I swear, that is the last thing that I would ever think about doing.” When those words had left your lips, something came over Yann’s eyes. You couldn’t, however, understand what it was. It was impossible to tell whether or not he believed you. One thing that was good was that when you had reached out to touch him, he hadn’t moved away. That was obviously a sign that at least he wasn’t completely mad at you.

“I- I just don’t know what to believe.” You were finally able to decipher what it is that his eyes were trying to express. He wanted to believe you but he was just having a hard time doing it. “This is because of your ex-girlfriend isn’t it? You think that just because she cheated on you that I’m going to do the same.” You knew that what you were saying probably sounded harsh but you couldn’t help it. It was ridiculous. Why should he be worried about that. You were nothing like his ex.

“It’s not that. It’s just. I didn’t like the way that the guy was looking at you. He was also being so handsy with you. No one gets to touch you like that. No one, but me of course.” You could almost chuckle at what he said. You had almost been about to but you figured that that would not help your situation in the least bit. You finally understood it. Yann wasn’t mad at you, he was mad at the circumstance. 

You wrapped your arms around his neck and brought his face closer to yours. “ I can promise you that the thought of cheating on you has never even crossed my mind. I love you too much to ever do anything to try and hurt you. Even if my friend was flirting with me, I would never reciprocate because the only person that I wanna flirt with is in front of me right now." 

This was a big step for you. Mostly because you had never told Yann that you loved him. That word had never come in between you two. But now that you had said them, you knew that they were the truth. You loved Yann and you were glad that you told him. Yann wrapped his arms around your waist. "I love you too.” The smile that appeared on your face when you heard those words lighted up your entire face. Yann leaned down and placed a small kiss on your lips.

When the two of you pulled away, you both were smiling like idiots. “So, you love me, huh?” You lightly pushed him away from you. “I don’t know why, you’re an idiot.” He pinched your waist. The movement made you squeal. “Yeah, but you love this idiot.” You punched him slightly in the shoulder. “Oh, by the way, there was something that I forgot to tell you.”

Yann simply raised one eyebrow to let you know to continue. “My friend, he’s gay. He has a boyfriend.” You could tell that that was something that shocked Yann. He pulled your closer to him, if that was possible. “You couldn’t tell me this before. It would have saved us a whole fight.” You laughed. “I could have but what can I say you’re too cute when your angry and so I decided to mess around a bit." 

Yann pulled away and grabbed your hand and pulled you up the stairs towards the bedroom. "You want to mess around, fine.” You were glad that the fight was over. Jealous Yann might be cute but you much preferred sweet Yann. 

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