DIY Wire Wrapped Ring Tutorial from Bettina’s Blog here. She uses a metal ring mandrel so the ends can be hammered (if you don’t own a mandrel you could wrap your wire around a candle and not hammer the ends). I own a metal ring mandrel and it was pretty cheap - look on here. Top Photo: DIY by Bettina’s Blog. Bottom Photo: If you don’t want to DIY, Bettina Johnson sells this 14k gold wire wrapped rings with a moonstone (and other stones available) for $27 here.

I love DIY wire wrapped jewelry and tutorials and have posted pages of it here:

etsy find of the day 5 | 1.8.14 

little venetian ring by anatomi

anatomi is a WI-based shop that sells unique metal and gemstone jewelry, like this lovely, swirly, hammered venetian ring. this version is brushed matte sterling, but it also comes in a darker oxidized version. if you <3 druzy jewelry, too, be sure to click through and peruse all of this shop’s listings!

A Jupiter-Io Montage from New Horizons 
Credit: NASAJohns Hopkins U. APLSWRI

Explanation: As the New Horizons spacecraft sweeps through the Solar System, it is taking breathtaking images of the planets. In February of 2007, New Horizons passed Jupiter and the ever-active Jovian moon Io. In this montage, Jupiter was captured in three bands of infrared light making the Great Red Spot look white. Complex hurricane-like ovals, swirls, and planet-ringing bands are visible in Jupiter’s complex atmosphere. Io is digitally superposed in natural color. Fortuitously, a plume was emanating from Io's volcano Tvashtar. Frost and sulfuric lava cover the volcanic moon, while red-glowing lava is visible beneath the blue sunlight-scattering plume. The robotic New Horizons spacecraft is on track to arrive at Pluto in 2015.