So the Massachusetts Is A Coffin Compilation: Volume 3 is up now for streaming and free download at If you have a minute, check it out and spread the word!

My band recently put out a song on Massachusetts Is A Coffin Volume 3. It’s a song from our old demo that we recorded and put a little twist on things. We are currently recording a new demo that should hopefully be out by the end of the summer. if you take the time to listen thanks, also check out the rest of this comp. Every single song is a banger and there are a lot of good friends and good bands on it. Support hardcore, Support Massachusetts.

Swingback // Wollaston Straight Edge XXX

Love is war, end up on the floor
But baby you only lose when you don’t swing back
I say those words hoping that,
You fight for a nigga like I fight for you
—  J.Cole, Sparks will Fly
Last night's show

was so much fun. Swingback’s first full set was excellent. A bunch of people went nuts for Break. And I love how they have a Stick Together/Free Spirit sound. Grandview is so fucking good, seriously that band will go places. So glad to finally see them. Disregard killed it as always, you’ll be seeing more of them soon also. Do No Harm was rad, they have some of the best stage presence I’ve seen for a local band. Their new song is sick and keep an eye out for a split they’ll be releasing with a band from Texas (I forget their name). Go Long Kid is the best upcoming pop punk band on the South Shore. The energy of them and the crowd is something you don’t see very often. They are going places. And of course repping The Straight Edge with all our Minority Unit shirts. Good times.