Here's the Version of Brienne's Action Sequence That You Didn't See

In “The House of Black and White,” Brienne of Tarth and her squire stand-in Podrick Payne close in on their rescue mission target by happenstance. One minute they’re sipping brews at a local pub, the next the sworn protector of Catelyn Stark is pleading her daughter, Sansa, to join their roaming party. Petyr Baelish won’t have it. The encounter ends like most of Brienne’s peacekeeping efforts: with swinging blades and sliced throats.

Though dwarfed by epically-scaled sequences like the Battle of Blackwater and the Wildlings’ attack on The Wall, Podrick’s escape from Littlefinger’s men combined with Brienne’s galloping rescue effort is one of the tightest action sequences in the show’s history. Angular and precise, the action beat plays like French Connection with swords and steeds. There’s not a lot to play with in terms of spectacle, but what director Michael Slovis has at his disposal—weapons, animals, woods, and a full spectrum of fighters, from the terrified Podrick to his lethal, bleached blonde ally—he wrings through staging. And yet, for everything the sequence gets right, what the audience saw wasn’t intended, says Slovis.

The horse chase was always a given. Slovis pre-visualized each beat and assembled the setpiece before his Game of Thrones team shot a frame of footage. “Since I’ve done so many car chases and foot chases, it’s just basically breaking it down into pieces that you know are gonna work later on,” the director says. And he had to work with horses, God’s gift to cinema. “There are certain things that you can photograph that are natural on film. Horses are on. Helicopters are another. There are things that are just made to be shot on film and look great all the time. We had the most wonderful horse crew and livestock masters. I mean, they were just incredible. We did the horse chase all in one day.”

Less planned was Brienne’s off-horse dueling. Originally, Slovis wanted to stage the sword fight in the nearby river. When his team scouted the location, the water was merely a trickle. No problem. This is why they invented movie magic. “We built a dam further downstream to get the water to be six inches tall and we dug a hole for the guy to fall off of his horse so that it would be safe and we made all these plans,” Slovis recalls. “It was gonna be beautiful in my mind, it was great, they were in the water splashing. It was classic Game of Thrones.”

On the day of the shoot, Slovis’ stunt coordinator rang him with bad news. The “trickle” was now a shoulder-height, raging river unfit for actors. Luckily, Slovis says, the Thrones production team is “like a military operation.” They were not leaving until Brienne successfully slew her opponent. “Even for a show the size of Game of Thrones, changing that quickly is a challenging thing. Everyone rose. So that whole sword fight that took place on the side by the river, that was all re-choreographed the morning of the shoot.” The finished scene sees Brienne cut Podrick’s pursuers down in one fluid motion. Not as much splashing as Slovis’ original vision, but hey, stabbing a bad guy’s neck still looks great on horseback. Equines: the television trump card.

Working with Gwendoline Christie and Daniel Portman alleviated any frustration over rejiggered sequence. “They are the nicest, sweetest, most fun-loving, talented, open, creative… I could go on for half an hour with this, and they are just the most wonderful people to work with.” Slovis couldn’t say enough about one of season five’s best pairings. “Look at Gwendoline. I could sit and watch her read the New York City phone book for three hours and I wouldn’t be bored. She’s so beautiful and so committed and so in the moment of being that character.”

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Armored Zombie
‘This warrior blindly swings a deadly blade with devastating force.’
Can Be Found In: Dark Beginning 1 (DB1-EN149), Metal Raiders (MRD-EN013), Legendary Collection 4 Mega-Pack (LCJW-EN184)

Zombies were probably the first monsters to actually follow a themed strategy before anyone else. Most of them sharing the DARK attribute and complete lack of DEF, the Type had several tools to revive their creatures  no matter if were as materials or ace monsters. Nowadays there’s a big variety of graveyard strategies to run into no matter the Type or archetype, but Zombies are still the experts on the subject with a variety of effects to go with.

“Armored Zombie” is a basic example of a usual Zombie monster in the game. As a Normal Monster there’s no much arround him, specially with average ATK and the usual 0 DEF of the Type. However, as both Zombie and Normal Monster actually makes him candidate of a high variety of Graveyard resources, becoming a reliant creature for several material purposes.

Summoning options is overall all what “Armored Zombie” will offer during a Duel. A mere “Rescue Rabbit” will bring him along a second copy direclty from the Deck. Either “Mystic Tomato” or “Pyramid Turtle” achieves a similar role when defeated, and although “Armored Zombie” will rarely stand a fight will thin our deck as well send him in the graveyard soon enough. Is there where “Armored Zombie” truly shines, with a high variety of revival cards at our disposition. “Crane Crane” will bring him with its own summoning, spells like “Book of Life” and “Swing of Memories” will revive him right after activation, and Zombie effects like “Mezuki” and “Zombie Master” will also assist with his summoning. Overall, like  many Zombie monsters “Armored Zombie” will be more effective once in the grave, so you might try to mill him from the Deck by cards like Lightsworns or “Mathematician”.

“Armored Zombie” carries a so-so ATK, so will most likely be used as material and pay costs in most circumstances. Previously mentioned monsters like “Crane Crane” and “Zombie Master” can easily prepare all sorts of heavy summons by working together. Since “Armored Zombie” is specially effective once in the graveyard, we can always pay costs like “Lightning Vortex” or “Phoenix Wing Wind Blast” among others to have him ready to go afterwards. And he also works to activated certain effects by being banished, like activating the effect of “Dark Armed Dragon” or use “Dragon’s Mirror” along other Normal Monsters to summon “First of the Dragons”.

“Armored Zombie” is one of the many and many Normal Monsters to choose from. As a Zombie gains a big quantity of tools to be abused with, mainly to summon bigger monsters in the process. However, Zombies have the weakest Normal Monsters in the game even to play arround a stall build of Level 3 and below creatures. Not only that, but “Armored Zombie” is easily outclassed by “Dragon Zombie” by a mere extra 100 ATK. “Armored Zombie” is yet another Normal Monster with barely any use outside of becoming a material, so if you don’t mind his only purpose even arround his kind you might get very easy setups turn after turn.

Personal Rating: C+

+ Several graveyard tools to work arround thanks to being Normal Monster and Zombie-type

- Several stronger alternatives to choose from
- Will mostly work exclusively as material and pay costs

atruegentlemanthief replied to your post “[Sweats nervously oh god now or never, right?] S-surprise! I’m not…”

Fuuu- he knew this would happen. “H-how about I make us some tea first. Let’s just relax and place the sword far far away while I explain, okay?” In a non threatening environment please.

Goemon frowned and let out a low growl of disapproval, drawing his blade and swinging it through the air in several swift motions before knocking it back into its sheath. As if on cue, strips of fabric from Lupin’s clothing began to fall from his body little by little, until they lay piled completely at his feet. 


“Swinging a blade with no discipline is akin to simply falling upon your own blade. A zweihander - though powerful - is a weapon of finesse and understanding. To swing wildly will leave you fatigued and exposed. T’is a weapon that can block, yet not parry without great effort. Simply crushing through their defense is an option. Be it with your hilt, the thick of the blade, or the edge itself, they surely will feel the impact.”

Guide Entry:  Lightsaber

The Lightsaber is a remarkable weapon commonly associated with the Jedi or the Sith.  In it’s most common form the hilt is normally 24 to 30 centimenters in length.  

Like the Talarian trees of Timberrest 7, the Lightsaber comes in many forms and shapes.  From double edges, crossguard and dual phase, to lightwhips and speratable ones.

The blade of the lightsaber comes in many colors.  Some of which have meaning to the different traditions.  

At one point the great fashion designer Lauradox Nexar, thought to use them as a fashion symbol for the galaxies best looking beings.  This fell apart, when during a trial run of her show, the swinging of the blades caused the infamous Model Massacre of Coruscant city.  It has seen then been only in the hands of someone trained for it’s use. 

It is known that a lightsaber will cut through just about anything, save certain materials.  Such things that will resist them are, Mandalorian Iron, Ultracrhome, and the cupcakes that were once made by Paula Nancy Millstone Jennings of Sussex.  Incidently after he failing at baking Mrs. Jennings took up Poetry as a fall back hobby.


OK so I found something I should never have seen and now IDEAS IDEAS EVERYWHERE AHAHAHAHAHA! Yeah so these are gonna be a series of short little oneshots that will help feed the fandom’s ;) told you guys I would be back with a vengeance.


“You’re going down, Tough Girl,” Bog taunted circling her. Marianne scoffed, keeping her eyes trained on her lover.

“Oh yeah, you and whose army?” she shot back. Dawn and Sunny were taking bets on the sidelines while Shilo sat between her grandparents, eyes wide in awe. She was still young but well aware of the difference between a full on fight between her monarch parents and a good old fashioned sparring session.

“Oh, feisty are we, love?” he joked, flitting away from the swing of her blade.

“Always,” she swore, blocking the swing of the staff that was his retaliation. They dove at one another, locking weapons, their wings taking them higher.

She nodded and their sparring continued for a good time, Marianne had the upper hand but then unexpected fatigue set in and she knew she shouldn’t have spent half of the night doing paperwork and taking care of her duties as queen that could have waited.

And Bog, while a protective, loving, King the rest of the time, wasn’t about to LET Marianne win a sparring match. Neither of their prides would allow it.

So with a quick fake of his staff he swept her legs out from under her and pinned her with his staff.

“I win, Tough Girl,” he grinned at her, to the jeers and cheers of those who had placed bets. Suddenly strong little arms had wrapped around his neck and a familiar laugh filled his ears.

“I’ll get Daddy for you, Mommy,” Shilo growled, earning her the title of the new champion of the sparring fields.

I Love The Way She Swings The Blade {Tony Perry Fan Fiction}

“Everything will be alright” Tony said and held me close I don’t know why but I felt so safe with him, safer than I’ve ever been.

I’m Low On Gas & You Need A Jacket

{Tony’s POV}I woke up today wondering if I should just give up on Amy. But I realized I don’t want to do that. I know she thinks nobody notices, but I do. I really want to get to know her. It seems to…

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When he sings  his romantic ballads in concert, the girls in the audience sway dreamily. And if he pirouettes in the air, swinging a blade in an Asian martial arts (“wuxia”) film, the boys mimic his actions. Chen Kun, 36 but looking much younger, is an all-round star in Chinese entertainment: his is an old-school career, with hard graft at the Film Academy in Beijing. “My family wasn’t rich when I was young, and I had to earn the fees for the school myself. After school, I used to work as a copyist in the town hall and would sing in a pub at Chongqing, my home town”, he tells us in Hong Kong, where he is working on his latest film.

“At the time, my dream was to become a designer; I even had an offer from a European school, but finding the money to go abroad was impossible for me. In the meantime, I had the opportunity to star in a TV series, Love story in Shanghai, so I planned to continue my studies with the earnings from the show. But the series was highly successful, and in 2000 I became famous; after being an actor for ten years, I realised that I had fallen in love with my career as performer”.

Now, Chen (also known as “Aloys”) has numerous awards as best actor under his belt (among the most popular films have been Balzac and the little Chinese seamstress, Let the bullets fly and Painted skin). He often sings the main song in his films’ soundtracks, and together with Jet Li is one of the stars of Flying swords of Dragon gate, the first wuxia to be filmed in 3D and to be planned for Imax. The blockbuster was presented at the latest Berlin film festival and distributed in the United States during the summer. How was it, working on such a complex production set? “Not only do I love wuxia as a genre, as I find it really interesting and imaginative, but in the case of Flying swords, I starred in two different roles. I really enjoyed working on this project with the director, Tsui Hark”.

He belongs to the last generation to have grown up in a family not to have been “moderated” by the 1979 law imposing just one child per couple, the last to be able to enjoy numbers of cousins and nephews, to be addressed as “uncle” or “aunt”. He is the eldest of three brothers, brought up by his mother after the divorce of his parents. The typically career-oriented, egocentric life philosophy of some of his single-child fellow citizens is very different to his own approach: “I felt the responsibility of being the family ‘head’”, he states. “We have remained very united, and all live in the same district in Beijing”. This sense of responsibility goes beyond the call of his genes: like many other leading celebrities, the actor-singer also works as a Unicef ambassador. But without travelling afar: he has chosen to concentrate his energy on disadvantaged children in rural areas in his own country; children with poor schooling or who are victims of abuse. “I want to work with every citizen and parent and give them the means to create a better world for their children”.

We ask him what his fans project on to him, and what is the craziest thing they have done because of their enthusiasm. He pauses, and then answers phlegmatically: “I don’t know what they see in me, but I believe I have a positive influence on their lives. I hope that I am able to be an ever better citizen than I can be an actor”. And asked about any future challenges, he replies simply: “To be a more sincere person, to be the true me”. He feels drawn to Buddhism. The book that has had the greatest influence on him is Sogyal Rinpoche’s The Tibetan book of living and dying, and he is passionate too about hiking and camping.

In 2011, he launched a personal charity, Power to go, to encourage people to find inner peace and strength by leaving town and going to explore wilder corners of their country on foot and then pass on their renewed positive energy to their friends. As an initial demonstrative project, he took ten students with him to Tibet, and this year guided 20 office workers in the province of Qinghai.

His style (in private life, when he is not wearing fashionable clothes for red carpets or TV shows) springs from his love for life in the open air: “I like to wear clothes that make me feel comfortable; indeed, I believe comfort to be the founding principle of fashion”. The same approach is apparent in the interior design of his apartment, which is “minimal, with furniture that be moved and re-arranged every so often”. There are items and sculptures in various fine woods, sandalwood above all, in what constitutes a collection begun during filming of a television programme: Chen was playing the part of a person who loved surrounding himself with similar articles, and Chen himself acquired the same enthusiasm as though by osmosis.

L'Uomo Vogue, October 2012 (n. 434)

- See more at: http://www.vogue.it/en/uomo-vogue/people-stars/2012/10/chen-kun#ad-image226395


He wishes he could say this was the first time templars had lashed out as he walked along the roads. It was becoming an all too common occurrence as of late, one that needed to be dealt with as soon as possible. He was only one elf, though and Fenris could not fight every battle. He steps back when a blade is swing at him, unsheathing his own blade, a growl resounding in the back of his throat as he takes on a defensive stance.

Now am I half asleep or half unconscious? Half a dream? I can’t move as I am stuck in bright lucidity. I can feel, and hear and see, but I won’t comprehend. I see fire that I won’t decipher.
I see giant evil tower to a blackened sky. I feel blessed with evidence of what I can’t define. Swinging blade of the lowering perpendicular, I see clarity I won’t remember.
—  Savior in the Clockwork - Tobias Sammet’s Avantasia

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[wounded] He has told her a million times to not go with him and yet the thick headed princess decided to risk her life once more in the battlefield. Orcs, trying to infest Erebor once more under a new commander, not as powerful as Azog but still a bother, none the less. But the difference now is that there's an army of dwarrows to defeat them. The King kneels beside his sister and looks at the arrow stuck on her shoulder before desperately crying for a healer's help. "Stay with me. Don't talk."

  【 w a r  & battle are ingrained in herself; imprinted upon her skin, the banging of metal
       clashing against metal the sound that fills her ears in the night & the thunder of drums
       the pounding beat that lives in her heart. dís is a warrior who swings her blade with
       precision & ferocity; there was no way for him to keep her from this battle.

the arrow wound is an electrical shot of pain that clambers from
   shoulder all the way down her spine. her hands have gone numb
   & there is a ringing in her ear; the arrow pulled attention away from
   battle at hand & allowed the beast to catch her on the side of the
   head with club. breaths are sucked in desperately & she can do
   naught but grip tightly to his hand. dís grits her teeth & leans up,
   trying to push him off with all her might despite the white hot light
   that blinded her at the pain of movement.

               ♚—❝ No, no - my boys. I’m F I N E , my boys are still out there.
                                           I need to get to them
! let me G O !

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✚ : health headcanon ⊕ : Talents/hobbies headcanon ☾ : Sleep headcanon

✚ : health headcanon

Link generally has rather good health due to being in such good shape. But he is prone to migraines. He gets grumpy when he has one and will just kind of…lay down when they’re really bad. He’ll just lay down anywhere. In the grass, on a rock, in the middle of Ganon’s castle; it doesn’t really matter. 

⊕ : Talents/hobbies headcanon

Link is so good at sword fighting. Well, he’s good at swinging the blade around and hitting something. But his true talent is music. He can learn just about any instrument if he puts his mind to it. He learned the ocarina fairly quickly along with harp. He enjoys playing music and does it whenever he can. 

☾ : Sleep headcanon

Link will find a tree and sleep in it. He needs to sleep in a tree or he does not sleep well. It is either that or he has to be in the most comfiest bed in the entire world and that is the only way he will ever fall asleep. Unless he is extremely tired, then he will sleep just about anywhere. Even in the desert. 

✚ : health headcanon

Due to her waist training process (thanks to Nabooru), Link has breathing problems. She becomes winded rather easily if she has to run for a long distance. Her ribs were dented and misshapen, but pose no threat to her actual lungs. Other than that, she is in rather good health. 

⊕ : Talents/hobbies headcanon

Link loves scaling buildings and climbing things. She will climb to the top of the highest building in the Gerudo Village, then jump from building to building to get down. She almost always gets yelled at for landing on something valuable and breaking it. She also loves to play the harp. 

☾ : Sleep headcanon

Since she is usually on guard duty at night, she does not sleep very often. So during the day, she can be found sleeping just about anywhere. 

props e mayhem

Burst into flames, scream in the dark!
I’m gonna light up this place and die in beautiful stars!

What if these demons keep falling from the sky?
Sometimes I love the way you swing the blade at everything in sight!

Vwoom. Vwoom.

The mage casually swings her spirit blade back and forth, obviously bored. She’d finished her rounds, did some work with the new mage recruits, and now, for once, she was actually caught up with her duties and had nothing to do. And so she laid out in the sun atop a large rock, twirling the arcane weapon in the air, taking some minor enjoyment in the hum it made when swung and the bright colors.

Vwoom. Vwoom.

A half-empty pack of cigarettes and lighter rest on the kitchen counter, next to the sink. Stella takes one cigarette, lights up, and pockets the rest of the pack. With the cigarette resting between two fingers, she grips the edge of the counter, lets her head lol back, and stares at the ceiling.

A shuffling of footsteps from behind startles her to attention. A shadow moves in her periphery. She whips around, grabs her shovel, and swings.
The blade of the shovel collides with the skull of MARK CARTER (early twenties, seems a little soft around the edges–keyword: seems.)

My otp just met in my screenplay.