Fat Shaming: Real Life Example

So I saw a great buzzfeed article about plus-size swim suits and bikinis and thought it was wonderful and exactly what we need in today’s society. The articles are here and here.

Anyways, fast forward about 10 minutes after reading the articles and browsing the online store…my little sister is overweight and has always struggled with bullies and such. I sent her the link to a swimsuit I thought was super cute and would fit her really well.  She responds with all the reasons it wouldn’t work and what’s wrong with her body. It broke my heart. Even when we have movements and projects like these the young girls in today’s society still can’t see past the hatred they receive.  These swimsuits are built for women who are plus sized and yet my sister analyzed them exactly like if she was in a normal store that didn’t cater to her size.  

I’m not sure what the point of this post is except to just bring awareness to this, it breaks my heart that my little sister is constantly viewing her body negatively and finding flaws wherever she can :/

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