Forever 21 Swimwear Under $21 Take advantage of one of the biggest deals of the summer!

The sun is out, the heat is up, and what’s more exhilarating than stocking up on a ton of new swimsuit tops and bottoms, all for under $21 (wow!)?

Try mixing and matching an abstract printed bikini top with a simple, black bikini bottom or slip on a something easy like a floral one-piece with sexy cutouts. With a variety of styles to choose from, shop Forever 21’s most budget-friendly swimsuits below!

1) Floral Ruffle Bandeau

Floral Ruffle Bandeau

2) Floral Side-Looped Bikini Bottom

Floral Side-Looped Bikini Bottom

3) Vibrant Push-Up Bikini Top

Vibrant Push-Up Bikini Top

4) Festive Cutout Bikini Bottom

Festive Cutout Bikini Bottom

5) Abstract Landscape Corset Bikini Top

Abstract Landscape Corset Bikini Top

6) Standout Ruched Bikini Bottom

Standout Ruched Bikini Bottom

7) Sweet Rose Hanky Bandeau

Sweet Rose Hanky Bandeau

8) Crochet Sweet Bikini Bottom

Crochet Sweet Bikini Bottom

9) Backless Floral Monokini

Backless Floral Monokini

10) Tropical Dream Cutout Swimsuit

Tropical Dream Cutout Swimsuit

How will you mix up your ‘kinis this summer?

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