Friends! What do you think of this swimsuit? (Ignore tummy pudge, please! I had just eaten a big lunch c: ) I haven’t worn a one piece swimsuit in forever, but I really don’t like any bikinis I’ve seen this season! My mama said she thinks it’s “becoming”.
So! Should I get it?

wow I was able to buy/find another cute bikini I feel supa cute in, today!!! I made a sappy post like this before about my other swimsuit, but I really do love this one as well and and am very proud of myself for being able to feel confident and happy wearing it!! I post and take pictures like this to let myself and others know that it’s okay to love your body and be happy with who you are no matter what society or ignorant assholes may say or think. I’ve struggled a lot with insecurities and I still do, but I am learning to accept who I am and what I am not. Love who you are no matter what size, gender, or just overall person you may be!