Stand By Me (1986)

The thing I love about snow is how it transforms things without actually changing them, and how it makes everything pause. Everything’s still there, cozied up and waiting underneath the blanket of snow, and nothing has actually been changed. But snow makes everything a hundred times more beautiful, and it’s quiet and peaceful. People talk about certain rooms or gardens or beaches or forests being peaceful, but a forest without snow or a room without snow out the window can only be so still, nothing is quite as perfectly quiet and content as snow.

And then there’s the fact that snow, for all its tranquillity and silence and passive beauty, can be tremendously destructive. It’s not like a hurricane or a hailstorm that can actively destroy, but just by being there it can ruin things. It’s heavy, it’s cold, it silently (and beautifully) heaps itself up and freezes.

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