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Swim- Jack’s Mannequin 

'Swim for the music that saves you when you're not so sure you'll survive….'

This song has helped me more then almost anything else. Sometimes, when times get tough, we just have to Swim.

Just keep your head above

Another thing that helps my recovery, aquascaping. I get to be in control over my tank even if i feel like my life is out of control. watching the plants and the fish happy in their environment makes me happy. whenever i feel stressed or angry i sit in front of my tank an watch how peaceful everything is. ‘just keep swimming’

It’s been 1 month since the second surgery on my leg. Happy to say I’m not suffering too bad, the dull healing throbs are nothing compared to what I’ve experienced the last two years. Things are starting to turn around fast.
I found that taking a surf and turf approach to my physical therapy and recovery has helped me stay on the right track and keep me in shape so I can return to the saddle.
The only place I found refuge was the water.
Swimming in a weightless environment allowed me to give gravity the finger for awhile. In the pool, I didn’t have to worry as much about falls, crutches, the limp, other people’s neurosis. Under water, there’s no noise, just you.
After incisions heal, hot and cold dips helped me regain my circulation, especially in your external limbs. Many equine rehabilitation facilities have some form of water therapy. Water treadmills are great for conditioning without weight bearing for both horses and riders.
It is a great alternative way to get some cardio if running or biking is out of the question. The time I put in at the pool will pay me back once I get back on a horse. Nothing is more embarrassing than floundering about, huffing and puffing during simple flat exercises, and gasping for air like a landed trout when you’re out of riding shape.
The better fitness during recovery and beyond, the more effective and fun your saddle time will be whether you jump, cut, race, race, or rein.
If you want to be a safe and skilled rider, talk to your doctor and physical therapist about taking the plunge.

🐶Red went swimming at a lake on the way home today; she was so good! Jumping in like usual and swimming the whole time!! 😘🐶💙 Also, she’s a lot bigger than she used to be (when she took up like 1/4 of the chair!!!)! 🙈 Still a puppy: a very BIG one! 💋
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my 12 month fitness goals

(do these sound reasonable to you guys?)

3 months: have healthy baby, start being able to eat normal food and drink plain water again. Recover!

6 months: start being regular at workouts again (prob figurerobics I like that program for postnatal workouts)( 3-5 days a week for 3 months) , light bike riding (2x a week) and walking (2-5 times a week).

9 months: regular indoor bike training sessions(3-5 times a week) and strength building workouts(3x a week) ,maybe swimming (if I can find an indoor pool) (2x a week) healthy meals being regular (5 days a week min) .

12 months: regular outdoor bike riding sessions(3-5 times a week), beginning running again(3x a week) , still swimming(2 or more times a week) . Take back my only ever Queen of the Mountain on Strava (it was beat by only 33 seconds, its slow and my husband thinks I could easily take it back in this time frame :P  )