Proof of previous swimmies. This kid is motivated to swim for his b-a-l-l.

Why did I spell that. He can’t hear me type the word, can he?

Today marks the birth of four-time Caldecott honor artist Leo Lionni (1910-1999). Leo Lionni was a self taught artist and the first children’s author/illustrator to use collage as the main medium for his books. We adore all his beutiful books and always keep a wide selection for young readers in the classic picture book section of the store. Pictured is the cover art from Tico and the Golden Wings, originally published in 1964.

From an interview with Leo:
“Of all the questions I have been asked as an author of children’s books, the most frequent one, without doubt, has been ‘How do you get your ideas?’ Most people seem to think that getting an idea is both mysterious and simple. Mysterious, because inspiration must come from a particular state of grace with which only the most gifted souls are blessed. Simple, because ideas are expected to drop into one’s mind in words and pictures, ready to be transcribed and copied in the form of a book, complete with endpapers and cover. The word get expresses these expectations well. Yet nothing could be further from the truth.

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Gavin goes under for the fifth time in the last ten minutes, and this time it’s worse - this time for a moment he can’t work out which way is up, the water around him a churning mass of strong currents and disorienting flashing lights from the police boats scanning the area. This time he’s sinking and by the time he finally struggles back to the surface (legs aching, lungs on fire, choking choking choking on the sour polluted brine of the harbour) he thinks if he goes under again he might not make it.

It must have been going on three hours by now, stranded out here after their escape plan went wrong, and there’s only so long that anyone can tread water, and in the haze of pain and fear and exhaustion all he can really think, hysterically, is thank God for all the swimming practice I got during summer swimmy bevs.

three sentences is hard for longwinded me ;A; lol

so remember that mayvin backstory i said i might write for heroes. that might be a thing. IDK i kind of want to write it now aha~

What if Free! and Kuroko’s Basketball switched sports?

Haru would be like “I only shoot threes” and would be a wicked master at three pointers, Makoto doing sick as fuck dunks, Rei being all nimble and great at offense, and Nagisa having mad ball handling.

Then there’s Kagami swimin like a fucking maniac and the GOM having weird as shit swimming powers. Like imagine it, those rainbow boys having goofy as fuck styles of swimming.

And then there’s Kuroko, being snecky and doin a swimmy swam past them

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Lets wed at the bottom of the ocean cause my love for you is deep and filled with scary ass swimmy shit

we gon drown but aight