Just a little doodle that I made of myself last night. Yesterday I went out to the waterpark with a couple of friends and was sooooo happy with the swimsuit (or I should say swimdress, haha) I bought the day before. Haven’t bought one (or wore one for that matter) in years. It was HELLA comfy! Freaking loved it~ >w< 

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It seems that every single time I spot an item that is Practically Perfect in Every Way, it is out of stock.

Or, occasionally, it is only available in some foreign country or other. Or from the USA and it will only cost $988946 to post it to the UK.


a-thorn-beneath-the-nail replied to your photo “Cherry!Swimdress from Modcloth arrived - its so damn comfy and all I…”

that’s a swimsuit?? i thought it was a dress that’s so cute ;_;

Hahaha, my roommie thought the exact same thing!

I love swimdresses! They’re getting easier to find online but they’re still something of a rarity in the mainstream. Which I find a travesty since there’s so much potential for so many body types. Modcloth has a lovely little selection that has this retro vibe I adore.

And they’re definitely multifuctional - I’ve run around hotels in them as an impromptu dress (paired with a bolero-esque shrug) and I never feel self conscious - they can be cute/sexy but still super flattering and above all COMFY. They’re perfect for vacations spent beach-side where you might not be too crazy about changing clothes constantly.