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o m g, i followed you for ages on my other account before i deleted, one of my favourite blogs! 

duhfxjxf thankyou :)

sweparamore replied to your post: Guys, please, I need your help! It’s really important to me.

Just did! And I know what it’s like. Last year I went to Chicago for 3 months to have my internship there, and it was really hard to be without my best friend. But we talked alot through Skype, and that really helped!

Awww, thank you so much! Yeah, it’s gonna suck a lot :( But we’re planning on talking through Skype everyday because she said something like “If you don’t get your ass on Skype everyday, I’ll slap you so freaking hard when I get back” hahahahah She’s amazing :’)

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ϟ :D

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Lovveeeeee yourrr blogggggg!!! <3