Okay okay I’m really excited about this Quality, New And Improved KH MemeTM that someone made and I am so Pump about and I was wondering if someone could send me a cool and safe and totally *+~*+~ virus-free *+~*+*~ link for Photoshop to me?? 

I’d appreciate it a super-duper much!

Under the cut I’m gonna plop some ideas I have for the KH namedit meme for me to remember aaaa;; I’m so happy I love I love ♡♡♡♡♡ —

A Summon: D = Dimension Links. 

An Enemy: E = Emblem Heartless.

A Keyblade: S = Sweet Memories / Sweetstack / Star Seeker? .

Post Colour Theme: T = Thistle ((shade of purple).

A World: I = Hollow Bast i on / Rad i ant Garden ((this isn’t considered cheating is it pshhhhh) or Castle Obl i v i on ((this either).

A Kingdom Hearts Character: N = Naminé.

A Quote: Y = ‘Yes. Just because it’s you can’t remember something doesn’t mean it’s gone.’ ‘You’re right. It shouldn’t be possible. I found it when I was restoring your memories. … It was sleeping this whole time, deep in your heart…. One day, you’ll need to remember, Sora. This precious memory…this dangerous memory.’ 

Bonus: Name combo : ‘DESTINY’ photoset: Destiny’s Embrace + a quote about destiny + Destiny Islands.