My simmies wanna be like them:

 1.Damon (shockshame)

 2.Nicki (warriorsims)

 3.Jonas (sweetsimsations)

 4.Femke (shockshame)

 5.Yuurei (the-trash-dump)

 6.Dante (woohoo-juice-simoleons)

 7.Zala (houamsims)

 8.Galatae (harusumee)

 9.Dominic (comradecube)

I love them when the first time I saw them, omg how they could be so perfect like that >.<

#Sims enter the REAL WORLD.

Well most of you guys will recognize this character. If you don’t then WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU! hah nah is actually Jasmine-created by Sweet Simsations. SO ALL THE CREDITS FOR THIS SIM (a.k.a Jasmine) GO TO SWEET SIMSATIONS.

I been a fan of her work for quite some time. Lets face it her stories are f#cking amazing! SO I decided to dedicate one of my edits to her :) 

Watch on

Eh, we decided to upload it anyway. Here’s our Let’s Play! Be aware, it’s not even educational and half of it is Nicole making fun of Breccan and me defending his cuteness lmfao.

M’kay, so a while back I decided to make this drawing for somebody here on tumblr, who I absolutely love and adore her work. Nicole ( sweetsimsations ) you are incredible, your tumblr page was one of the first things that made me excited when joined this community, your work is so beautiful and polished, and I was so captivated by the story Jasmine and Jonas were sharing, I remember that that day I read all of your posts about them. Call me obsessive, but that’s how much I love their story. I was trying to make something to show my appreciation for your work, and I do hope you like it, even though it’s not the best and I am sure you got other more beautiful fan art from your followers, but I tried. The drawing has many mistakes, but one that it’s easily to notice, is that her chest tattoo is missing. Well, to be honest, I was not feeling strong about that tattoo, I was scared that I might ruin the drawing so I decided not to make it. I hope it’s okay. Jasmine’s beauty is impossible to capture, but that is my favorite picture of her and I just had to draw it, so yeah, I hope you like it. Luv U! ♥