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Since this is probably the only time I will ever make a Follow Friday, this is going to be my Follow Forever.

It seems like these things normally have pictures, so here, have a kitty.

But seriously. In no particular order, people who you need to follow ASAP if you aren’t already(And yes, I did just spend half an hour trying to narrow this down to 10):

Autumn, AKA the one who wears the pants in the pairing that is Kane

Laur, AKA a fellow member of the Fedora Fan Club :3

Laura, AKA one of the amazing Ranebows who I love from afar

yourdaltonspammer, AKA writer of amazing things who is also really nice

Dawn, AKA one of the sweetest and awesomest people on the planet

Lisa, AKA another person I love from afar

Reality-bender, AKA a totally awesome person whose name I can’t remember

Alexis/Lexx, AKA someone I don’t talk to as much as I should

Katherine, AKA I don’t have words to describe her but I love her a lot

Morgan/Micah, AKA the source of all age jokes geared at me and the singer of songs about pants <3

And now I feel incredibly awkward because I rarely talk to half of these people but I love them a lot and they are completely awesome. Now, FOLLOW!

Fabulous People with Fabulous Blogs, According to Katherine: 2011 Edition.

So right here are some of the best people on tumblr. They have the kindest, most amazing hearts, and more people deserve to have them in their lives. I’m not kidding when I say with out many of these people listed, I would not have made it to 2012.

And, bonus points, I’m pretty sure everyone here’s in the Coult, except maybe Jeremiah. But he’s still fantastic:)

Also…I probably forgot someone. (Or like five people) (But I would put my entire followers list in her if I could. But I have less than an hour till midnight in whatever timezone I’m in, so Tada!)

And I know it’s been a while since I’ve talked to many of you, so let’s change that this year, okay? :)

In alphabetical order:

           And of course:

And I probably fucked up somebody’s url/tag/name/icon, so message me if you find one, mkay?     


Mars’ Follow Forever <3

grinlikethecheshirecat ~ alittlefallofrane ~
sweetsecretlove ~ astrapaypwns 
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hogwartsneedsadoctor ~ laertena

Technically, you should be proud that I even follow you. I only follow 20 people.

I love you all. Merry Christmas :)

sweetsecretlove replied to your post: I just feel like writing angsty Niff drabbles. XD

In which I’m a masochist: Could you do one where somehow Jeff dies in front of Nick? Like he gets shot or commits suicide or something? Pwetty pwease???

Nick shook. This was never supposed to have happened. It was the sort of thing people heard on the news and talked about how horrible it was but then slowly, steadily forgot. And yet he couldn’t deny it anymore, not with Jonathan standing in in the middle of the classroom, his gun pointed down at them in a shaking hand.

They all knew Jonathan. Shouldn’t one of them have seen it coming? It made sense now, the way he’d sometimes isolate himself or laugh darkly at something that wasn’t meant to be a joke. But everyone did those kinds of things occasionally; it didn’t automatically mean you could file them under the category of sociopath.

“I - I’ll kill any of you if you m - move,” he stuttered, and he looked around, his eyes bugging out of his head, his hand continuing to tremble violently. “I swear to God…” He let out a small whimper, and his eyes drifted to the gun as if he was unsure how it had ended up there himself.

Nick felt his nose twitch. No. Not now. Please, fuck, not now. He couldn’t help it, and in the dead silence of the room, even with his mouth close, his sneeze echoed loudly. Jonathan swiveled, his gun pointed directly at Nick. His finger flexed over the trigger and -

“No!” Jeff’s voice rang out from under two desks down. Nick saw Jonathan turn, saw his finger pull against the trigger, once, twice, three times.

“Jeff! Jeff!” Nick didn’t care. He pulled out from under the desk, hearing somewhere in the back of his mind the gun clatter to the ground as people who had been pinned to the walls suddenly burst to life, sprinting towards Jonathan and pressing him back, restraining him.

“Oh God, what have I… Oh God…” Jonathan’s voice faded from his mind as he pulled up to Jeff.

“Jeff, Jeffie, please. Please wake up. Don’t…” He shook, pulling himself over to Jeff. He barely could look down - the bullets had caught him in the neck and face, and it was all mangled, soaked in red. “Jeff. Jeff. No. Please, no, Jeff, don’t, don’t be… You’re not. You can’t be.” His voice was low and he felt detached as if he was watching it in a dream from the corner of the room. As if it weren’t happening to him.

His eyes watered and he pulled his hands away, realizing that he had red all over his shirt and and pants and - Oh, God, it was everywhere. His stomach seized, and he tried getting up, tried moving back. He barely made it a few steps before his hands caught onto the desks and he bent over, throwing up.

Every bit of him stung and there was a dull ache in his head. His eyes screwed shut, and his nails clawed into the desk painfully. He’d open his eyes, and it’d all be gone. He’d open his eyes, and it’d all be gone. He’d open his eyes, and -

The first thing he noticed when he opened his eyes was all the red.

sweetsecretlove replied to your post: Here, have a sentence I just wrote from the Alzheimer’s!Nick Niff fic:

no, stop it ;__________;

 ishipthat replied to your postHere, have a sentence I just wrote from the Alzheimer’s!Nick Niff fic:

zdfbsbfjhsdfkj no no no no no no no ;_____;

“Do you want me to tell you? Maybe it’ll help you remember.” His voice is soft, and he presses a kiss to the top of Nick’s head, trying to ignore the growing ache in his heart. When Nick nods, he takes a unsteady breath, his eyes squeezing shut and in one hand his fingers curling in, the nails pressing in painfully to the palm of his hand, leaving angry red crescents.


“Jeff?” Nick whimpers. “Please, tell me.”

This is for Dawn...it was originally going to be an ask, but it became too long. Oops. Enjoy!

Dawn looked up as the door opened. She and Katherine were putting the groceries away in the kitchen and they weren’t expecting the boys anytime soon, so the door opening was a bit of a surprise. There was Derek standing in the doorway with a smile on his face – the smile that he reserved only for Dawn. Dawn couldn’t help but smile back.

Katherine nudged her, “Go on, I can do the rest.”

Dawn turned and hugged her friend, “Thanks, you’re the best.”

Katherine giggled as the embrace ended and shooed Dawn towards her boyfriend. Dawn walked over to Derek and smiled even bigger as he said, “Grab your coat, we’re going out tonight.”

Dawn shivered in anticipation. Going out with Derek always seemed like an adventure. It usually began with going to dinner, followed by a walk in the park or a movie or sometimes even mini golf. He always took her some place new and they almost never when to the same place twice.

Dawn was interested to see where he would be taking her this time. She put on her winter coat and snow boots and pocketed her mittens and hat. Derek closed the front door behind them and they climbed in Derek’s car.

“Where are we going this time?” Dawn asked, barely containing her excitement.

“You’ll see,” was Derek’s only response.

They drove out of town and for what seemed like hours as the sky darkened in the grey of winter before they finally seemed to be where Derek wanted. They were in a small town, seemingly in the middle of nowhere. There was a small Italian place in front of where Derek had parked and just down the road Dawn could see a sign for a bed and breakfast.

Dawn held her breath as they exited the car, hoping that Derek had indeed been paying attention when she had said that she had always wanted to stay at a bed and breakfast. He led her in to the Italian restaurant where they preceded to have a fantastic meal followed by dessert. When they left the restaurant Derek led Dawn towards the bed and breakfast. This was by far the best trip Derek had planned – she paused…

“Derek, if we are staying at that bed and breakfast we might have a problem.”

“Oh?” Derek looked down at her.

“We don’t have an overnight bag.”

Derek smiled at her and pulled her into his arms. “I packed one last night when you were taking your bath.” Dawn leaned back in shock to look up at him.

“Exactly how long have you been planning this?”

“A few weeks,” he said grinning.

Dawn shook her head and allowed Derek to usher her into the bed and breakfast and out of the cold. There was a kind woman at the desk who gave them their room key and gave them the information on when breakfast would be served. Dawn wasn’t sure, but something about the look Derek had in his eyes told her that they might not be down for breakfast the next morning…

writing Sebrek.

my Logasstian shipping heart is like no :(

but my Sebrek shipping heart is like LOLYES.

and my Sebrekan shipping penisheart is like megusta(: !

This is for Katherine:D

Danny entered the bedroom quietly. He was later than he had thought he would be and he didn’t want to startle Katherine. He had called earlier in the evening to let her know that he would be working late and to not wait up for him, but he knew that she would attempt to any ways.

He looked around the room and found Katherine curled up on the window seat, a blanket covering her and a book almost falling out of her right hand. She looked so peaceful and he didn’t want to wake her by moving her. If he could help it, he wouldn’t wake her at all.

Danny silently removed his suit jacket, tie and shoes before crossing the room to Katherine’s sleeping form. He looked down at her in the semi-darkness. There was only one lamp on and he hadn’t bothered to turn on any other lights. “She’s beautiful,” he thought and not for the first time. He had been stuck by her beauty the first time they had met and he had never gotten over how gorgeous she was.

He leaned over a bit to wrap his arms around her in order to pick her up. Danny didn’t want to just leave her in the window seat; it was winter and the cold air seeped through the windows. Katherine barely stirred as Danny carried her to the bed and settled her under the covers. If it were up to him he would watch her sleeping all night; she was at peace then. Katherine shifted in her sleep and smiled and Danny smiled in response. He kissed her forehead lightly before finishing readying himself for bed.

what does kurt mean wHY OH MY GOD







He always smiled.