Happy birthday Reema!!! I wish you all best from the bottom of my heart! 
You’re really amazing, extraordinary and talented person, beautiful human being, so great friend.
You know that I love you, your works and your blog!
Thank you for everything, sweetheart. You’re the best! I’m sending you big hugs. Enjoy your special day!!!


"Nice work on that Qurupeco hunt. While I was back here eating snacks, I had my fingers crossed for you the whole time!

What? You want to know where the snacks came from? I got the snacks for agreeing to take the Quest. I already ate your share, but you hunters hate junk food, right? 

Good luck! I’ll be here snacking on-…on nothing! B-because there are no snacks left! Now shoo! Shoo!”

I’m still really, really tired and still kind of sick so I can’t really draw/paint anything too intensely detailed…so I’ve been playing a lot of MH3U. I love all of the Guild Sweetheart's lines and I wanted to draw her at least once, so here is a relatively quick drawing of her!

bananums said:

top 5 shyjoe moments (or basically anything where honey is being the furthest thing from swag)

He’s always the furthest thing from swag let’s be honest

5. The KNTV interview during the Rocking era when he keeps saying stupid things and the other members were making fun of him and embarrassing him because he’s so stupid yeah watch it here

4. The clip of him at his house before he left for Guam and he was showing us his girly-looking room and he said “My parents raised me like girl…” (That bedroom is not very Gangjoe, bb…)

3. Everything about this

2. Everything about this too (he’s trying to look really swag and cool but he’s so embarrassed the whole time and his shy little smile at 0:54 ugh my heart)

1. The filming for the No. 1 pictures when he was swiveling his body to make the fringe on his jacket move, omg I gifed it because it was SO PRECIOUS.