i want to fight them 

slightlyofftomatosauce asked:

do you have any tips for drawing argonian and/or orcs? im having a really hard time drawing my characters and yours >:

UHH i am trash at giving these sorts of tips bc i bs like everything i draw lmao BUT I WILL TRY

using ghuff and enashra as examples, i think the main thing is to take a little inventory of facial features before you start?? what features make this character identifiable as this character. what shape is their nose, how strong is their jaw, etc etc etc. 

if you remember what stuff you gotta include, i think it makes it a little easier in general to draw that character. aand for a more long-term tip, draw faces a lot!! from references. PRACTICE TONS. trace if you need to (just remember not to claim traced stuff as your own ofc). once you really get the human face down you can fuck it up in any way imaginable to make all kinds o characters :’0 like sure Enashra’s face is kinda based on a dinosaur, but when I’m drawing her I am usually thinking more about the human face than a velociraptor’s or w/e. so yeAH hopefully this helps good luck friend!!! 


Shawn was absolutely, unbelievably incredible. He is an actual angel I swear, his voice is beautiful. He’s so so so so perfect and his passion for his music makes me so happy. The best experience of my whole life.

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