Which homestuck artist should YOU fight?

Who wins: toastyhat

Rumors point to her being the avatar, but at LEAST harbors mild pyrokinetic abilities. She knows kendo and has brows that will slay a man. A casual fight will turn into full battle. Think of the destruction. Think of the city. Do not engage the toasty.

Who wins: ???

I mean you could try I guess but you’ll never get far. She’ll bring out the witchcraft of Pale Gamkar fics and it’ll all be over. You’ll end up a drooling, starry-eyed idiot. Only engage if you don’t mind this humiliating outcome.*

Who wins: You

Look at that adorable little floof. If you’re a horrible monster who likes harming adorable floofs, go for it. Savage.

Who wins: You

Fight her. You get to vent, she’ll go down with one hit, and then she’ll adopt you and take you out for ice cream afterwards. It’s the perfect crime.

Who wins: ldefix

They’re an actual raptor. Would you fight a raptor? No. Don’t do it. There’s a whole movie franchise dedicated to why you shouldn’t engage dinosuars.

Who wins: You but HOW DARE YOU???

Do not touch this precious child. No one should ever fight this child bitch I will squash you myself.

Who wins: Roach

Roach gives exactly 0 fucks and will sass you into submission before you even assume your fighting stance, but do it anyway. Fight Roach. It’ll be funny for everyone else.


Kristen at a store in Idaho, March 5 2015 on her way to Montana to film Kelly Reichardt’s untitled project

Army Surplus Warehouse: We had Kristen Stewart in the store today! She was awesome! She said she was just driving through. “I was picking up clothes and she walked over to me and said sorry she did that and she would clean them up. I said no it’s ok, hey are you Kristen? She said yes, was super friendly. She talked about how this area and idaho was beautiful. I asked if I could take my picture with her cause no one would believe me and she laughed and said of course. I did see a small smile too! Haha.”

The neighbors do not say a word.

My fist is blue from knocking 

but still my bruised knuckles

never try to turn the doorknob. 

I think mostly of the hinges moving

your shrugging shoulders.


              A few thousand miles

of closed doors and deadbolts 


a misaligned knocking rhythm in the place of

                   silence that only bodies 


I want to tell you that you look better with your skin

on the floor.


The parting of your lips is a cracked window

                  I do not fit through.

I inhale the world between us every morning.

I am wishing I was breathing

with your salt still on my 


I want to enter between the 

open and close of your double-door 


and memorize the creak

of your shoulder hinges swinging

a door closed behind me.

Entry For Sweetheart-Sims

Hey there sweetheart-sims! Here is my entry for your challenge. Sorry I took so long! ;-;

His name is: Jason Trent

His hair can be found: here and the mesh can be found here

His facial hair can be found: here (It’s the second one.)

All his clothes are from Eps/sps you stated.

His traits are:

  • Good Sense of Humor
  • Slob
  • Social Butterfly
  • Family-Oriented
  • Eccentric


Jason has always been the different one when it came to him and his four brothers. Being the youngest, you’d expect your sibling to be a little bratty or strange, but… Jason took the cake. Although he wasn’t the brattiest child, he was very off. His mouth got him in trouble and his sloppiness was not a prized trait by his parents. Although Jason is pretty out there, he loves him family with every part of his being. He would do anything and everything to make sure they were loved and protected. Since Jason took most of his time spending it at home, he developed a love of sharing his thoughts online. After all, he likes to be heard, so what better place? But, Jason feels like, even though he’s doing what he loves, it’s not enough because he doesn’t have that special someone to share it with. He wishes that, maybe one day, he can find someone to be snuggled against his side and give sweet little kisses on his cheek. What? Even though he’s a sarcastic, blunt, eccentric man… he still needs someone to be his balance and show him true love.


His download will be private.