Tempestuous Gothic

Jumping on this bandwagon because everyone’s doing it.

  • Something about lamps bothers you. Something in the way they glow. It’s just too strong, too bright, too inhuman.
  • The ghosts that haunt your house don’t really bother you. Actually, they’re quite helpful, and you use them to perform everyday chores like getting things for you and cleaning high up places. Plus, they’re great for scaring away unwanted visitors.
  • Your clothes are black, blacker than the night sky. You are the void. Embrace the emptiness. 
  • You sweeten your tea with the tears of your enemies. 
  • All the windows and doors in your house are lined with salt, just in case. It also comes in handy for cooking.
  • Someone calls you in the middle of the night. As soon as you’re about to answer, the phone stops ringing. You think it’s a ghost, but you’re wrong. It the person you have a crush on, calling to tell you they have a crush on you, but they hang up because they’re worried you don’t share their feelings.
  • You spend all your time in haunted places, because it reminds you of what you used to have. Maybe, just maybe, you are haunted instead.

i havent really mentioned this on here, but i feel like i’ve made drastic life change it’s become like who i am right, so i should talk about it

anyway i’ve becoming annoyingly healthy 

living in chicago and access to such like a rich social life will easily start making you life unhealthy and with me like preaching “stay hydrated” if i dont follow that up with other ways of being healthy like i feel like im lying

so i’ve really started working out again, about 5x a week. i’ve cut out processed food, junk food, and sugar. yes i’ve cut out sugar for 2 weeks. so basically im dying actually no so i had a nutritionist appt and she was saying how sugar is just as addictive as any other drug and its def true for me. so i completely cut it out no sugar no honey no artificial sweeteners, no agave etc. it’s been tough but stuff that naturally sweet seems sweeter and stuff just tastes better now.

i will be no ones bitch, not even sugar. 

so ya new me you know?

HP reread! Philosopher's Stone, Chapter 12: The Mirror Of Erised
  • “The Weasley twins were punished for bewitching several snowballs so that they followed Quirrell around, bouncing off the back of his turban.” The fact that Fred and George threw snowballs at Voldemort’s face has been pointed out many times before but bears repeating.
  • Also I have a pang of admiration every time Snape substracts house points from Gryffindor “silkily” because that man sure knows how to sweeten up his day no matter what people might think of him. That takes a special kind of self-confidence.
  • Ron’s skill at wizard chess used to make me hope he’d grow into Harry’s battle XO and lead the troops for him with his strategic skill. It’s a shame JKR dropped the ball on that, considering she never brought it back after this book much. 
  • Bless Molly for making a sweater for the boy Ron told her wouldn’t be getting any presents. I mean, she must be a really quick and skilled knitter and possibly has magic aid, but that’s still eight (kids & Arthur) sweaters to knit on top of it. And she made fudge, too! 
  • So during Christmas dinner, Hagrid and McGonagall get sloshed, and when Hagrid kisses her on the cheek, she “giggled and blushed, her top hat lopsided.” Highly tantalizing information. I demand that there should be fic about it.
  • The Mirror of Erised scene is absolutely heartbreaking. Everybody in the mirror looks a little like Harry, enforcing the impression that he lost a particularly tightly knit family clan who all loved each other. (notably, there seem to be various Evanses in the picture, too) What’s interesting, though, is that Ron immediately gets a bad feeling about the fact that Harry keeps visiting the mirror, showing some of his intuitive intelligence. 
  • I have many bad things to say about Dumbledore, but fact is: He didn’t approach Harry even once when Harry came to Hogwarts and arguably he had no reason to, but he did appear once he noticed that this lonely boy was getting so entranced by the Mirror of Erised. And very gently explained to him why he needed to stop, and was responsible enough to take it away. (although that might have been because he needed it for the Philosopher’s Stone anyway) Of course, Dumbledore has been talked up through twelve chapters at this point, and his first appearance in Harry’s life makes a huge impact. (especially since we know from the book opening that he’s secretly the conductor of Harry’s fate) 

Monte Cristo Wrap Sandwich (recipe)

The recipe suggests a high fiber wrap bread – California Lavash’s fully baked and healthy Traditional or Whole Grain lavash would be perfect. In fact, an avid fan in San Jose, CA, has already tried it and sent us a photo. :)

Prep time is about five or ten minutes. Dashing Dish even provides a general nutritional breakdown.

DIY Apple Cider Syrup Recipe, Tutorial and Printables from The Yummy Life.  Make a natural sweetener with a minimal amount of ingredients - the perfect holiday gift. There are tutorials for making the syrup on the stove or in a crock pot. Canning instructions are also provided. The Yummy Life’s tutorials are like a masterclass in how to write a food tutorial. Nutritional information is always provided.

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