I'm Bucky Barnes, I'm here to rescue you

*Meanwhile, in the cell block…*


*Sneaks up behind a patrolling doombot, clamps his bionic arm around its neck, and EMP-s it to death*

I friggin’ hate robots.

*looks around, spots the only occupied cell and breaks into it by the simple method of using his bionic arm to tear it off its hinges*

Miss Walters?

Soup and Debrief

*in the kitchen Steve pulls a big plastic container of pea and ham soup out of the fridge* Made this with the ham bone from Christmas the other day. Best thing when it’s cold. *starts ladelling it into a saucepan to put over the stove and heat up*

*gives her a sympathetic look* So, you went to Bucky to ask him to train you? Are you worried that you’re going to get attacked?

Cousin Time

*after spending a bit of time searching, Bruce finds that his cousin Jen is in San Francisco. He takes down the number he finds and spends a few minutes trying to figure out what to say*

*eventually he stops stalling and dials the number. As it rings he taps his fingers on the desk with his free hand*

Phonecall to Jen

*After everything is taken care of - or, at least, after both Tony and Bucky wake up - Jan takes a moment to call up Jennifer Walters. She’d promised to let her know what happened with Bruce, after all*

*She calls Jennifer’s number and then waits for her to pick up the phone*