Here is the OOR part from the Day 2 of SSTV Sweet Love Shower 2013. Sorry for the bad quality, but the source file wasn’t very good either. ^^’

This includes:

- Backstage;

- Deeper Deeper (part.);

- Nothing Helps (almost complete);

- Kanzen Kankaku Dreamer (almost complete);

- After show fans interviews;



89 day challenge: Things I love about Morita Takahiro/Reasons why I love Morita Takahiro

Day 44. I love Taka because he feels so comfortable in kitchen and well they suit each other *o* and apparently he can make something taste good since he won this contest. But SERIOUSLY DUDE!!! O_o No matter how much I love you I’m gonna say this! DID YOU REALLY THINK THAT APPLE JAM, PINEAPPLE, BUTTER AND TOMATOES ARE GOING TO TASTE GOOD TOGETHER?? D: ew >_> good thing he didn’t serve it :D

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