Taylor Swift & Ed Sheeran full interview on BBC Radio 1’s Breakfast Show

I think it’s one of those things that as long as everyone’s positive and you believe that you’re going to get better, you will.

I have had a lot of family members make it through purely based on stubbornness.

—  Ed Sheeran on Taylor’s announcement that her mom has cancer. (x)

We were both the uncool kids. Our fanbase is exactly the same.

If you look at any big pop person, the girls are there, or the boys all dressed up, hair done properly. Whereas our gigs, we attract the outsiders, they relate to us the most. I get kids turning up to my shows on their own. I was never a lone wolf, I’m a sociable guy, but I’ve always done my own thing. We’re all outsiders who found solace in music.

—  Ed Sheeran on how he and Taylor Swift appeal to the same people. (x)