"Everything’s all set." One of the interns said as Merril got off her phone. "Really that’s great! You guys should probably get dressed. Party starts in 15 minutes." She shrugged as the interns scampered off.

"Yeah, and as most famous people, being fashionably late is their thing." C snorted. "That’s why we made the invites say that the party start half an hour ago." Merril replied. "At least the papparazzis are here early."

"Ms. Portman."

"Yes Chels?"

"Someone’s outside looking for you."

"Who is it?"

"Your boyfriend."

"I got this." C said.

"Wait — what?" Merril looked confused.

"You go to this address, and look for Mr. Reed Van Kamp — yes the designer." C turned to the intern and instructed. "Take the dress from him and bring it here." She turned to Merril. "You go upstairs and get ready, Tanya brought along her make-up kit."

"I’ll keep Evan busy while you get ready. Don’t you want to look good for your boyfriend? GO."

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anonymous said:

you are so awesome ;)

OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH HOW SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEET THANK YOU!!! I call myself awesome sometimes, like when I stub my toe or fuck something up LOLOL If you think I’m kidding you would be wrong ;sidufyaisldfjkasdf this is really super sweet though I don’t even know how to properly react because it’s so nice =u=