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16-Year-Old White Swedish Rapper Yung Lean Doer Is Back with a Weird New Video

The video for Yung Lean’s “Hurt” is exactly how I picture the sugar-addled inner workings of the 16-year-old Swedish rapper’s warped (but beautiful) mind. Digital flowers bloom, purple gummy bears march in place, Pokémon cards ascend to the heavens, and gallons of iced tea rest atop gleaming silver pillars. Words like “crying” and “emotions” flicker on and off to remind us that Lean is the original Sad Boy as he pours out some Arizona one time for all the fallen ones. The frosty, melancholy instrumental is lifted from fellow wunderkind Suicideyear’s beat tape Japan. Hopefully, this is the first of many collaborations between the pair of transatlantic adolescents. 

"Hurt" will be the lead single from Lean’s debut mixtape Unknown Death 2002, which drops July 9th and features production from East Bay duo Friendzone along with his in-house producers and Söldermalm homies Yung Gud and Yung Sherman.

Get to know the 16-year-old Swedish rapper here.

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DECOUVERTE M.I.M : La Suède et sa pop, on connait. Très bien. Mais la Suède et son rap, beaucoup moins. Voici donc Lilla Namo et son Höj Volymen (Augmentez le volume dans le texte) au flow maitrisé, simple et efficace. De quoi bouger du popotin salement en mangeant des Köttbullar made by IKEA. 

Jens Eric Resch Thomason
A.K.A Chords
An artist I’ve learnt to respect greatly. His beats have a darker and more ambient quality than most other european artist I’ve heard. His sound succeeds exceptionally well in evoking the Scandinavian melancholy that makes the “northern” scene so unique.

First time listener tip:

1. The Dude
2. Luckiest man alive
3. Insomnia

Also, he does several great colabs with other Scandinavian artists, check out

Magic-Looptroop Rockers feat. Chords

Förr eller senare-MBMA feat. Chords & Timbuktu