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I came in empty, and I broke the lock.
It’s dark around me.
Overslept, and I’m alone a lot;
no one’s asking.

I just want you to love me…

Swearin’ - Just

Well, this Friday just got a million times better! In a pretty surprising announcement, we now have a new Swearin’ song to fall in love with and an early November (5th on Salinas in the US, 4th on Wichita in the UK) release date to get excited about! And if the effortless, Pavement-y coolness of “Watered Down” is any indication, then I think I’ve already got my go-to Winter 2013 record sorted. Get ready for those endlessly charming “Right now it’s easy to see it/And I know why you’re hiding” harmonies to get stuck in your head asap. This is perfect crunchy leaves music.


Sunday Video: Allison Crutchfield

The Swearin’ singer plays a new song.


Only a dingus would dislike this Swearin’ Video.

Download their self-titled LP here:


Swearin’- “Dust in the Gold Sack”

I feel like I just want to listen to this over and over again. 

“Oblivion” by Katie and Allison Crutchfield // Originally by Grimes

I’ve spent many hours of this year listening to the works of Katie Crutchfield (Waxahatchee) and as luck would have it, there seems to be no shortage of her brand of excellence. Here, collaborating with her sister, Allison Crutchfield, she takes “Oblivion” by Grimes and shifts it from an ethereal electro pop number into a jangly, garage rock jam with killer harmonies and a driving beat. The whole spectacular thing is part of Rookie Magazine’s May “Theme Song”, so be sure to check them out for future theme song goodness.