2015 is a GREAT otome year!

This year has really been an amazing year for the Western side of the otome fandom. 

In 2015, we’ve gotten/will be getting these localized games:

1. Shall We Date: Scarlet Fate (aka Hiiro no Kakera 4) - IOS/android
2. SWD: Scarlet Fate Song of Spring (aka the HnK 4 fandisk) - IOS/android
3. Alice in the Heart ~Wonderful Wonder World~ - IOS/android (though the translation for this one leaves much to be desired, hopefully they’ll update it!)
4. Hakuouki - IOS/android port (also currently on PSP/PS Vita/3DS/PS3)
5. No Thank You!!! (BL) - PC
6. Ozmafia!! - PC
7. Amnesia: Memories - Steam/PS Vita
8. Code: Realize - PS Vita
9. Norn9 Var Commons - PS Vita
10. Shall We Date: Demon’s Bond (aka Toki no Kizuna) - IOS/android

All this in 2015 alone! In the past years, we were lucky to get even just one otome/bl game officially localized (usually we got none). Finally, our voices were heard, since we got 10+ games this year! I hope these games sell well, so we can continue to see more great visual novels brought over. It really does all depend on the sales. So if you want to see this trend continue, definitely show your support if you can :) 


Dear Fan of Withdoll

Withdoll SWD limited edition dolls will be released this coming Saturday.
We are very thank you for your patience and waiting.

And we decided not to release Basic SWD dolls.
We will devote to the creation.

Please give us your continuous interest and support.