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Song Writing Diary

Have been pretty low on song ideas lately but this morning I woke up full of lyrics! Have almost finished lyrics for two songs and will be working on the music for them later on :) Here’s some of the lines from one of the songs I have been working on, (they still need a ton of work but this is what I woke up with haha) 

Are you an illusion, just another lie?

I’m fighting my old habits

So please can you prove my head wrong?

I’m holding back and holding my tongue 

Because of the hold you have on me 

Is beautiful and scary

These are guitaristhannah lyrics

My breakfast this morning in work- 2 slices of wholemeal toast (HEB) scrambled egg using a dash of milk (HeA) and baked beans 😚☺️.. Lots of fruit and water today too. #weightloss #swuk #health #fitness #swdiary #swmeals #slimmingworld #slimmingworlduk #healthy #loss #positive #beans #scrambledegg #toast #freefood #motivation #fitness #speed #water #fruit #slimmingworldfamily #swfamily #syn #ee #free #speed #slimmingworldrecipes #slimming #acheivement #foodie #salad by els_slimmingworld https://instagram.com/p/0pYMC1QYmg/

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I need to keep this firmly in my mind until weigh in on Wednesday 🙈 dreading the damage this weekend has caused! #sw #swuk #swdiary #swjourney #wordsofwisdom #feelingbloated #dreadingwednesday #slimmingworld #slimmingworlduk #swfamily #swmafia #swcommunity by jade_abelle_sw http://ift.tt/1FoqSi1

Song Writing Diary

Have been writing a new song using 7th Chords as I have never used them in one of my own tracks before.  Really enjoying the sound that I have created using minor chords and major sevenths, just need to work on the lyrics now.

Song Writing Diary

Finished writing and recording my Christmas song today.  Decided to use some synth and different effects on the guitar as I haven’t written a song using synth before.  Chose the Key of E Major for this song which worked well as I used C# Minor, G# Minor, B Major, A Major and E Major.  I am not the biggest fan of Christmas and I decided to contrast of my less than cheerful lyrics with a very happy chord structure as well as using the E Major scale to add riffs and the solo.

Song Writing Diary - Lyrical Modes

In college we learnt about the different modes song lyrics can be written in:

Lyric Mode - always first person, direct approach of describing feelings.

Dramatic Mode - A message being delivered to some one (second person).

Narrative Mode - Tells a story

After having written my own songs I recognise that I sometimes used two modes in the one song, because that is what just came naturally.  These different modes are useful when explaining and analysing a song and can help when writing a song. 

Song Writing Diary

Started finishing off some music that I have been writing today.  Chose the key of G, but decided to add a  capo on the 3rd fret. I think that this changes the key to B (not 100% still working on my music theory).  After writing the simple chord progression I wanted to write a little riff that would work over the chorus, for this I used the B Natural Minor scale, which I think sounds good over the chorus.  I tried a few different licks, using the Pentatonic Minor or Harmonic Minor, however I didn’t think that these worked as well. Having already written the lyrics the last thing to do is record :)

Song Writing Diary

Wrote a full song this evening.  With this song I had actually been sitting on the guitar parts for a while and I hadn’t though about where the lyrics could take it.  When I came up with the lyrics I was walking around town and over heard a conversation talking about snake in the grass and that launched me into thinking about liars and people who lie etc. I decided to write this song in the Dramatic mode and I have just got the bridge of the song to write and then it will be finished! :)

Song Writing Diary

Today I worked on perfecting the metaphors and lyrics of one of the songs I have been working on.  This song has taken me a while to work on as I first started experimenting with music by using a detuned guitar.  This affected the melody as I had to work around it sounding different to what I find easiest.  After this hurdle I worked on getting the imagery for the lyrics right, by putting myself back in the moment that I was trying to recreate in the song.  I found this really hard, to cast my mind back, but once in the swing I think that I got there eventually.  However I still really need to work on my lyric writing as I haven’t written many songs before and I am slightly out of my comfort zone.

Song Writing Diary - Lyric Mind Maps

In college we explored ways to get started in writing a song.  This would help for beginners and if you were commissioned to write a song that had a subject you weren’t particularly knowledgeable or comfortable with. We started off with one word and then thought up words with both factual connections and emotional connections to the starter word.  I did this with one of the songs I have started to write, using the word friendship. I found the method quite useful for beginning a song, however I have tried other ways of writing lyrics which I found worked better for me.