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is that a swastika tattoo on your thigh?

i do have a small swastika tattooed high on my thigh. i’ve had an inexplicable connection with the symbol since i first saw it as a child and learned of its long rich history as one of mankind’s oldest symbols of power, peace, prosperity and good fortune across civilizations across the entire globe. The history of the symbol and it’s occurrences still found in old architecture, eastern civilization and native american culture fascinates me. i can assure you it has absolutely no connection to the horrific devastation that was done under this culturally rich symbol. 

i HIGHLY recommend everyone take some time to research the history one of our oldest symbols we have in recorded history. the more we’re able to learn and educate ourselves and the future generations the less able degenerates and the ignorant can use this to insult, offend and harm others with it. 


Fresh ink.

Yesterday and the day before was new tattoo day for me!

First was the steampunk heart, which is a metaphor for how we are all taught to love in a certain way, how we are tied down by the machine of life. It’s going to have lots of swirly dot-work in bright colours inside it, then exploding out, because we all need to learn to live and love on our own, not how society tells us. This is the second heart I have tattooed, then there will be 2 more.. to represent my 4 suicide attempts.

Then yesterday I got a cross-tika. Because I have recently made a step into the arms of God. I identify myself as a Christian with Buddhist values. The swastika is an ancient peace symbol, symbolising unity, life and the sun, being used in most major religions and cultures, even Christianity, Judaism and as far back as the Aztecs. Then the crosses ars to represent Jesus’ sacrifice to mankind by dying for our sins, then resurrecting to guide us through life.

Still got another few hours work to do on the heart.

Peace&love yo.

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A tattoo artist I know believed the swastika to be a very beautiful symbol. In no way was he in support of Hitler or the Nazi regime, he just loved the aesthetic and symmetry in the symbol. He got multiple swastikas tattooed on his neck in a sort of tessilating pattern where they were all joined. You couldn't really tell they were swastikas unless you knew or looked closely and he drew it up that way on purpose. Do you think that is an appropriate tattoo?

I am aware of the original meaning of the Swastika so I can understand his fascination with and love for them, but personally I just can’t handle swastika tattoos in any form. I’ve been called ignorant for this in the past, but I don’t think it’s anything appropriate to ‘reclaim’ simply because of the modern implications and appropriation of the symbol.

I’m sure his tattoo is fine if it’s unrecognisable as a swastika, but I can’t think of anything more revolting than putting a symbol with connotations of genocide and hatred on the skin forever.