have some ballet!lock/rugby!john to cheer yourselves up :)

  • rugby!john being super nervous about talking to ballet!lock and slipping him a note after their shared class, which he spent staring at the back of sherlock’s head, and books it out of there to the bathroom so that no one can see how red his face is
  • sherlock spending the day before their first date pacing around his room, trying to decide what to wear, Mycroft, will John think this purple shirt is too pretentious?, until Mycroft locks himself in his room to skype Greg
  • john shows up five minutes early to sherlock’s house because he’s so nervous about being late and spends them pacing anxiously around the corner and fixing his jumper and wondering if sherlock will think it looks good and almost bolting home because his stomach is so overwhelmed with nerves that he doesn’t think he’ll be able to stand it
  • john finally gathering the courage to ring sherlock’s doorbell and sherlock shyly opening the door, looking flawless in his tight pants and purple shirt, and john standing there, speechless, his mouth flapping weakly because god how did I get a date with someone so perfect? 
  • sherlock staring at john, not knowing how to respond, as john realizes he just said that out loud and finally starts to giggle out of nerves, and sherlock smiles shyly somehow loses just enough of himself to hug john hello
  • sherlock and john beginning to walk along the road and each thinking furiously about whether they should grab the other’s hand until john summons everything he has and twines their fingers together and it feels so so so right that sherlock just melts
  • john bringing sherlock back to his door and both of them standing their awkwardly, unsure of exactly what they’re supposed to be doing, until they just sort of drift together and kiss, super quickly and nervously, and sherlock nearly turns to go but john stops him and kisses him fully, properly, under sherlock is blushing the color of john’s rugby jacket, draped around his shoulders
  • john being so flustered that he forgets to get his jacket back and has to go back the next day to get the jacket and they end up kissing outside of sherlock’s window, their eyes shining and their breath giddy because they both think they’re just so so lucky
  • sherlock being super nervous about meeting all of john’s friends because he’s heard the whispers, he’s heard what they all say, but john proudly holds his hand and makes fun of him and pinches his cheek when he blushes so that he blushes even more and all of john’s friends just think they’re disgustingly adorable and pretend to be throwing up
Sherlolly Short #7 - "Not for a few hours."


 Sherlock goes undercover and brings home a surprise for his Molly

“Well…what do you think?”

Sherlock gestured at himself almost nervously, standing in the doorway of his bedroom. Molly gaped at her…boyfriend. God, he was her boyfriend. He and John were going undercover at some jeweller’s party to catch a diamond thief so she’d found him a nice suit to wear; he’d even agreed to wear the tie. Molly bit her lip as she stared openly at him, taking in his appearance from head to toe – he’d managed to tame his unruly curls and, well…his light stubble was the icing on the cake. He was starting to shift impatiently, tugging on his shirt cuffs. Molly, clad in one of Sherlock’s shirts, shook her hair out and coughed lightly.

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«Zurbarán was the first and greatest fashion designer in Spain.» – Elio Berhanyer dixit.

Spanish designers modern interpretation of Francisco de Zurbarán paintings of saints, for the 2013 exhibition ‘Santas de Zurbarán: Devoción y persuasión’ in Seville (Espacio Santa Clara):

Photographs by Fernando Ruso