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I had the strange epiphany that possibly the most thematically relevant words ever said on soopernatural might have been "IF THERE IS A KEY, THEN - THEN THERE MUST ALSO BE A LOCK!" after all :)) Maybe Fan Fiction & the French Mistake(*leers at the death of the author bit of the ep*) will prove to hold the most clues for what's to come


Hm, important keys off the top of my head…

- season 2: the Colt turns out to be a special key that opens the hellgate

- season 4: Lilith and Sam are lock and key to Lucifer

- season 5: horsemans’ rings mcguffin for the cage

- season 6: the quote itself, as foreshadowing to cracking purgatory

- season 8: the tablets are the keys and Hell and Heaven are the locks; Dean himself is the key to getting out of Purgatory

- season 9: Cas vs Doors begins ignobly; the key to Oz; the entire angel subplot is about unlocking Heaven

- season 10: the Mark turns out to be a key; the Oz keys return and unlock inner darkness; Cas vs Doors is turned up to 11, eventually resulting in unlocking actual Darkness

i just really like the hidekane swap au

  • kaneki getting jealous that hide got a date with rize
  • hide showing off to kaneki his “fashionable” eyepatch
  • kaneki realizing hide’s subtly changes and worries for him
  • hide and yukimura bonding time
  • hide teaching hinami to do jump rope and read some words, but cant understand the meaning of some of them and calls kaneki to ask
  • hide and nishio becoming sort of rival-like. hide starts twisting his rinkaku to mimic nishio’s bikaku 
  • hide and koma doing fun things together while touka scowls
  • hide complimenting uta’s looks and admiring yomo’s strength and steadfast nature
  • possible hide / tsukiyama????
  • hide yelling at amon in the ran
  • kaneki running into seidou and akira while running errands often, befriending them
  • kaneki coming to the anteiku raid and making hide some mediocre coffee
  • hide freaking out because oh my god, kaneki saw me kaneki saw me
  • kaneki confessing he knew and  continues to talk even though he is wounded
  • hide immediately smelling the blood, but not realizing its kaneki before he drops to the floor
  • “Let’s go home… Hide….”
Bastards in Boston: A Right People Meet Up

Hello my fellow Gentleman Bastard fans, I have been considering planning this for awhile now but figure now is time as Summer is upon to us, to enjoy an outside of convention meet up involving one of our favorite animals: the shark.

The schedule of events is simple: Meet up at the New England Aquarium for not just a tour but Shark touch tank followed by a hop, skip, and a jump to The Green Dragon Tavern for burgers.

No date is currently set so email me at:


for us to start getting organized.


The NEAQ is a family place and as such families will be there I would ask that we do our best to keep our tongues civil around the young’uns! 

Be polite to your fellow Bastards! We want everyone to have a good time.

Admission to the NEAQ is $26.95 and its hours are 10-5

More info here—> http://www.neaq.org/visit_planning/tickets_and_hours/

The Green Dragon Tavern is fairly inexpensive and located next to the Union Oyster House. Personally I can swear by their food.

More info here—-> http://www.somerspubs.com/green-dragon.html