get to know me meme: tv edition  [3/3] favorite tv shows: lost

everyone dies sometime. some of them before you, some of them long after you. this is a place that you all made together so you could find one another. the most important time of your life was when you were with these people. that’s why you are all here. no one does it alone, jack. you needed all of them and they needed you.


Molly: Sherlock I think we need to talk.

Sherlock: The red one. -mumbles, working on his laptop-

Molly: Excuse me?

Sherlock: The red dress. You’re obviously talking about the dinner we have tomorrow. The red dress suits you the best.

Molly: Sherlock, that’s not what I meant. -sighs and looks down-

Sherlock: -looks to her for a second before standing up, walks towards her- Is Mike bothering you again? Do I need to talk to him? I will, you know that. I swear to god if he gave you too much work again I am going to murde-

Molly: I am pregnant. -looks into his eyes, unsure about his reaction-

Sherlock: -stares at her-



Molly: Sherlock?


Molly: Are you breathing?! -hurries to him and shakes him slightly-

Sherlock: -plops down on his chair, shaking his head-

Molly: Sherlock, should I call John?

Sherlock: I am going to become a father…. -mumbles-

Molly: -kneels down to him and nods slightly- Yes and you will be a great father. I know that. So please don’t panic right now. We tried so many times and now I am really pregnant. We have nine months to prepare everything for the baby. We will ask John and Mary for help and read a lot of articles. There is absolutely no need to panic now, Sherlock. -mumbles and kisses his lips for a second-

Sherlock: Call John, please. –sighs loudly, leans back and tries not to start panicking-

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