Flight SQA016 - Chapter 41 now available

I’m also very pleased to be able to officially announce that I have been in discussions with the wonderful Ylva Publishing and the contract has now been signed for Flight SQA016 to be officially published in March 2016, you can read the announcement here.

For more information please go to my website by clicking here and thank you to everyone who has read/liked/commented/reviewed/messages/shared the story, I’m so pleased that it’s touched so many people.

Summary: Emma Swan has recently taken a job with Crown Airlines working in the first class cabin flying from New York to London. Regina Mills is a literal high-flying business executive with terrible social skills. Alternative Universe, no curse, no magic, no Storybrooke. Slowburn SwanQueen.

Links: FFnet | AO3

Don’t forget that this video has a fantastic video by the amazingly talented misslane1981 do check it out and tell her how awesome she is while you’re at it!

108 word ficlet

Music suddenly started filling the empty halls of the mansion. Regina dropped the laundry and hurriedly walked to the living room.

She lingered in the doorway and watched Emma play the piano. The tempo is far from perfect but every note brought back memories from their wedding day. The perfect weather, their heartfelt vows, this very song playing while Emma tearfully waits for her at the end of the aisle.

She wiped the tears in her eyes and gently tapped Emma’s shoulder. “That’s beautiful.” She spoke slowly allowing Emma to read her lips.

Since Emma lost her hearing, this is the first time she willingly communicated with sound.


“The Edge of Night” - Swan Queen (OUaT)

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Burn, Baby Burn

•Swan Queen story•

“Regina?” I hear a loud knocking on the door and I stifle a sob. Oh no, not now, not here…

“Regina, I know you’re in there.” The voice calls out, and I recognize it as Emma’s.

“Go away.” I whisper, choking on the lump in my throat. My nails dig into the flesh on my legs hard enough to draw blood, as I shake with my back against the door.

“No, Regina! I’m not going away; you can’t hide from me.” Emma’s voice gets progressively higher the louder she talks. The door knob rattles with her efforts to twist it open, and I can hear her breaths from through the wood.

My head comes to rest against the door as I close my eyes. I draw upon what little strength I have left to make my next words come out as acidicly as possible. “Did you ever stop to think, Miss Swan, that maybe I wasn’t hiding from you?” I say as clearly as I can, forcing my voice not to waver. Tears stream silently down my cheeks, and I’m sure that by now my makeup is a total mess.

“Mary Margaret and David have been wondering where you’ve been these past few days;” Emma says quietly, and I can hear her nails scratch against the doorframe. “I haven’t told them. Henry has been worried sick, Regina. I told him to have courage, and he’s trying to be brave, but……you’re his mom, for Christ sake! You don’t need to hide from him. Or us.” I choke down another sob at the mention of Henry’s name. The last part comes out in a whisper, and I can feel Emma’s magic seep through the cracks in the door.

I shake my head violently, thumping it against the door. “No! You don’t understand, I’m not hiding from you, any of you!” I yell, lashing out involuntarily with my magic. “I’m doing this to protect you. I’m…I’m a monster, Emma!” The anger fuelled spell creates a red blast they lights up the room, setting the walls and furniture on fire. No longer able to control the sobs or my tears, I shake uncontrollably against the door as the fire eats it’s way slowly through the room towards me.

The door shakes behind me and the knob rattles loudly. “Regina! Please, I’m right here, just let me in.” I shut my eyes and shake my head, even though I know she can’t see me. I can feel the heat of the flames as they devour their way towards me, and I curl up against the door. I don’t have the strentgh to banish the flames. “Emma…” I whisper, reaching out with a single hand to touch the magic still curling along the underside of the door.

“You don’t need to do this, I believe in you, we believe in you. You’re not alone anymore, we’re in this together. You don’t have to be afraid. Do you hear me Regina?” Her nails tap against the door to emphasize her point.

‘Yes, I hear you…’ I think hazily. I can feel the flames barely a foot away from me, and I open my eyes to stare into the heat. My tears boil away and the red mixed with orange shifts closer and closer. But Emma is so wrong. I will always be alone, no matter what anyone says. This is just how it works, for monsters like me; we must be destroyed. 'How beautiful. Burned away by my own magic. A fitting end, for a monster.’ My face can barely take the heat now, and I close my eyes once again and turn away from the oncoming flames.


“Regina? Regina!” Emma’s voice turns hysterical when she notices the red flickering light under the door. Paired with the incredible heat, she can make a pretty good guess as to what is happening. She places a tentative hand on the metal doorknob and hisses in pain. Shit, shit this isn’t good! What has that woman done now?

“Good bye, Emma. Tell Henry I’m sorry.” Emma hears the faintest whisper, before stepping back and lifting her hands in determination.

“Like hell I will, Regina. You can tell him yourself.” Forcing all her magic into her palms, Emma blasts her way through the door and into the burning room. “Oh no you don’t.” She mutters under her breath, stepping through the doorway.

Her eyes barely glance at the flames, before they fix onto Regina’s still form a few feet away. Instinct takes over, and she swirls her magic into her palms once more, waving one hand at the fire while grabbing onto Regina with the other. “This better fucking work…” She says, as she closes her eyes and focuses on her mental image of Storybrooke Hospital.

From her left hand comes a wave of water to demolish and drown the flames, and from her right a fog of sparkling white magic. It engulfs her and Regina, before transporting them both to the front lobby of the towns hospital.

“…Emma?…” Regina’s scratchy voice reaches Emma’s ears and the blonde huffs. Holding the smaller woman close, she looks down at the scorched skin and red eyelids shut tight.

“Yeah, Regina. It’s me. You’re gonna be okay. I’ve got you.”

Stop Reposting SwanQueen fanart

Making a fanart or fanvid is hard.
Build a scene that doesn’t exist in Once Upon a Time is hard and take a lot of hours.
Making a fanart, manip or video is not like ‘yeah I am gonna make it because it’s a moment’.

If someone think this is easy, let me tell you it is not.

It’s not like sitting in your chair in front of your computer and make fanart in 5 minutes.
Making a good manip or fanart take time. You have to focus on the screen for hours. Looking for the best scene, looking for that glance, for that smile, for that gesture in every single episode and take the screencap.
You open photoshop and start the manip or the scene you have in your head. Yes, YOUR vision. YOUR story. YOUR creation and make it real in photoshop.
And you can do it because you had to learn how to do it. Watch a lot of tutorials and be in front of the screen for hours trying to do what you watched in the tutorial.
We know how to do it because it took a lot of time learning how coloring, how to use photoshop tools, how to use layers, etc.
You can’t make this in one day or two.
When you see a fanart, you have to think of all the preparation the user had to do before.

It’s not easy. It’s hard. It’s difficult but we love making this.
Because it’s difficult to avoid that feeling inside when you are watching Once Upon a Time and an idea comes up to your mind. It’s so beautiful to see your creation in despite of all the hours you were in front of the screen.
And when it’s finished you only want to share it with all the Swens. Not to get RT’s or FAV’s. Not to be like “famous” (because we are not. It’s just for fun. It’s not our job. We are not healing anything. We are just people making this about a tv show).

When you finish a fanart or video, you only want to share it with all of you. Because we love SwanQueen and all related to them.

However the sad moment for us, the fanart makers and vidders, comes when people repost your little baby, your creation.
When they delete your signature and upload the fanart like their own creations, or cut your manip to make other fanart. Without credit. Without saying you a word. Without consent.

And when you see your fanart on tumblr, twitter, facebook, without credit or upload it like their own fanart make you sad , upset and angry.
And you are the villain of the story when you ask if they can remove it from their social media. And we are the rude here when you don’t want your own fanart in their social media.

At this point you think, what would happen when we are talking of fanfics? Oh dear… This is different, isn’t it?
If someone takes a fanfic and delete the tittle and upload it like their own story, it’s a crime and people report it.
However when it’s a fanart, only few people report that.
It’s easy to press “save it” and upload without credit.

A lot of fanart makers say “yes” when a swen ask if they can use the fanart. It’s a pleasure and honor someone “wants” your work in their headers or computers.
We are ok if you ask us before.

This hurts more than words can describe.
I have seen how people used my swanqueen fanart for contests. I have seen how people made a manip with my manip. I have seen my videos in other youtube accounts, I have seen how people deleted my signature or cut my fanart to upload it in their tumblr.

I think it’s enough for us, for fanart makers and vidders.
You like seeing new fanart and manips, because you can see swanqueen more real with images or videos.
You support writers when you see someone is stealing their fics. Support us too.
Because we do the same. We “tell” a story through images, scenes and manips.

Stop saying we are rude when we don’t take requests. We are not machines.
We need to feel that “thing” inside and we need to feel inspiration.
Stop demanding covers for your fanfics and get angry when we say no.

If you like our stuff, do something. And report it. No repost it.

Thanks so much for your understanding and support.

I won’t sign this post like misslane but all the swens who make fanart and videos and spend a lot of time making SwanQueen more real for you.


(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Nb0Y6R9bD8)

i dont care if this song shows my age, this cover is beautiful.

SQ ficlet - Missing scene:Regina helping Emma with her hand after punching Lily

My hand flinches away from Regina’s touch instantaneously, either from the sting of my bruising knuckles or the heat of her skin. I shift it back into her palm, waiting a couple beats before risking a glance up from the floor. Intense, appraising eyes are already focused on my face triggering a churning feeling in my stomach that has little to do with the pain from punching Lily. I direct my own gaze back to the ground and bow my head, awaiting the sting of antibiotics.

Instead, I register the lightest of touches trailing down my index finger. In some sort of knee jerk reaction, I squeeze my eyes shut. Sightless or not, I can feel Regina’s eyes on me as she brushes her fingers up and down mine with increasing pressure. Her warm hand then tugs mine towards her, and my eyes snap open. And I am so thankful that I jerk my head up because I do not miss the sight of Regina - Regina - pulling my fingers to meet her perfect mouth.  I certainly do not miss the deliberate eye contact she makes with me as she ghosts my fingertips between the slightly parted lips.

“All healed”,  she exhales, lowering my hand, voice wavering slightly in contrast with the intensity of the stare.

“Mm,” I force out, hearing my own voice catching. I am still locked into her gaze and her hand still holds mine. This lasts for a couple shallow breaths before her words register. I avert my eyes and reality intrudes once again as Lily opens the back door of the Bug, clearing her throat theatrically.