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I have an idea and I would love your take on it. Emma has no darkness, or potential for darkness, or whatever the sketchy spell removed. And let's not forget that Rumplestiltskin wants her heart filled with darkness for his plans. She is pregnant with the product of true love. Her parents' path is a model for hers but there are no other babies (unless idea Anon's idea of a parallel Dark One baby is true) for her to banish her baby's potential for darkness into, as her parents did with Lily.

I think Rumplestiltskin, the Peddler, Regina, or some combination, are going to try to convince Emma to take on her unborn baby’s darkness, using a spell similar to the one the Peddler made the Apprentice use, “saving” her child from its own potential and darkening her heart. She will eventually, likely with Killian help, make the right decision to trust her child and not let them talk her into making her parents’ mistakes on a grand scale. Plausible? (Assuming it’s not Jossed tonight.)

I LOVE this! :-D

It’s PERFECT!!! :-D :-D

In fact, it’s SO perfect, I’m adopting it into my standing theories, if you don’t mind. It’s absolutely BRILLIANT!!! :-D :-D :-D

And it fits everything that’s been going on from multiple angles.

Firstly, there was a spoiler a couple of months ago regarding Killian protecting Emma’s heart, and a lot of people panicked about it for some strange reason. However, it fit with the whole Sleeping Beauty storyline, so I wasn’t surprised by it in the least. I figured, at the time, that Emma’s heart was with her children, and Killian would be fighting to protect them. Given everything that we’ve learned this season so far, that still is on the right track, but now there is a twist to it, and along with your theory, everything gels absolutely perfectly. :-)

So Killian would be fighting to protect their children, but at the same time, he’d be fighting to protect Emma’s heart as well, so he’d actually be fighting for all three of them, which fits quite nicely with his tagline, “A man who doesn’t fight for what he wants deserves what he gets”. Killian fighting for his entire family (Emma, Henry and baby), each of them individually, fits that quote like a perfectly-sized glove. Killian would be fighting to protect Henry when he fights to take back his heart from whoever has it (I suspect Regina, but it could be going back and forth between her and Rumple by the finale, because they both would have taken out the Peddler by that point; however, foreshadowing strongly suggests Regina). He would be fighting to protect Emma from (going by your theory) darkening her heart by absorbing her own baby’s darkness (and thereby attempting to correct her parents’ mistake by making it herself), by trying to convince her to not give in to Rumple and Regina and to have faith in her child and in him. And he would be fighting for their baby in that he will be trying to save it from Rumple and Regina using it for personal gain, AND he would be trying to save its free will from being taken away by Emma.

Thus, Killian would be fighting for each member of his family individually, and by doing so, he’d be fighting for his family as a whole. This would fulfill Eddy’s teaser about Hook fighting to protect Emma’s heart. This gels with Snowing’s set-up arc and the repeating history theme, with Emma going down the same road as her mother (but making a different choice at the end thanks to Killian). Needless to say, it goes with my Pregnancy Theory. This goes with all the foreshadowing from prior seasons regarding Henry’s heart and hearts in general, and Regina giving Killian’s hook the ability to take her mother’s heart, and the fact that Killian was able to fight through Regina’s defenses in S2, and dragons. This goes very well with Killian’s tagline this season. And what would be extra nice is if they mixed Emma absorbing her baby’s darkness with Rumple’s spinning wheel needle laced with sleeping curse. And then Regina would be the one talking her into absorbing the darkness via Rumple’s method. It would certainly gel with the symbolism within Killian’s vision, which we saw them filming the other week in Steveston.

There is also an added bit of interesting here—we know that the Apprentice is released from the hat sometime during or directly before the season finale. What if his release coincides with Regina and Rumple convincing Emma to absorb her baby’s darkness (thereby correcting her parents’ mistake, yet making the same mistake at the same time)? And the Apprentice just so happens to know a spell that can do that—transfer the darkness in the baby’s heart into Emma’s heart. That would work so very well. :-) It would repeat her mother’s history but more in an Emma kind of way. We know from the latest sneak peek (of 4.18) that Emma “no matter what, [I] would not harm a defenseless person”. Now… a baby may be defenseless. However, Emma herself is not defenseless. Her heart is pretty damn resilient, and she knows it. She also has faith in another person who has the ability to protect it.

So let’s modify this entire theory just a little bit (given the foreshadowing of that line during the sneak peek)… Rumple, Regina and the Peddler all try to convince Emma to absorb her baby’s darkness so that they would be able to get their happy endings. The way they do this is by playing her. Rumple pretends to harm Regina, Regina pretends to be suffering, and Emma (in all her efforts to prevent everyone around her from hurting) volunteers to help Regina. Regina somehow convinces her that it’s impossible to do so without darkness in her heart. The Apprentice knows of a spell, and Rumple has a means of fulfilling it (maybe Emma needs to be put to sleep; I don’t know; it’s quite likely from a variety of standpoints). So Emma agrees to have her heart filled with her baby’s darkness in an effort to help “save” Regina. It’s a double win for her—she gets to ensure her baby’s goodness and she gets to save someone else.

Now… there’s a catch here. The catch is in the fact that Emma doesn’t actually fall for it. By this point in the season, Regina will be trying to use her “friendship” with Emma to her advantage. She knows Emma worries about her and her safety so she’s going to use that to help fill her heart with darkness. However, from the vision they filmed the other night, we know that Emma tries to deliver a message to Killian before she goes and does the thing. From their joined hands atop her heart, she’s trying to tell him to protect her heart. This tells me that although it may look like she’s “sacrificing” herself for Regina, she’s actually not. She’s putting her faith in Killian to come in and protect her heart as well as their baby’s free will. This “catch” tells me that there will definitely be a sleeping curse involved because Emma is going to have to try to find a way to delay the villains somehow, buying time for Killian to come find them.

Okay! It all works! :-)

  • Rumple, Regina and the Peddler all need Emma’s heart to fill with darkness so that they can get their happy endings.
  • Regina tricks Emma into doing so by pretending to be put in danger by Rumple.
  • The Apprentice is released from the hat and Emma asks him to fill her heart with her baby’s darkness so that she can “help” Regina.
  • Secretly, Emma hasn’t fallen for Regina’s trick and instead has chosen to put her faith in Killian finding them and saving them. Outwardly, she makes Regina think she’s won (just like Snow did in S1).
  • An excuse for a sleeping curse to be involved will be used at this point because Emma needs to bide her time. So Rumple’s spinning wheel could very well make an appearance here. (I hope.)
  • The Apprentice sets the spell in motion and the villains celebrate.
  • Killian comes back, fights villains off, there’s a TLK and the Apprentice’s spell doesn’t get a chance to finish, as they’re all whisked off to the Enchanted Forest.

Somewhere in the middle there, Henry’s heart is taken because they find out he’s the current Author. God… I hope the writers don’t screw this all up. That is an awful lot of plot points they’re saving for the season finale. They’ve been known to blow whole episodes before in their attempts at dramatic build-up, but because they try to save too many reveals for the last minute, it all falls flat and feels rushed. Here’s to hoping they don’t make that same mistake again. Systematic reveals are the best way to go in terms of the kind of finale they’re going for.

Anyway! Thanks so much for the great theory! It is now fully integrated into everything I have so far. At least, I hope so. It fit rather well to begin with, so we’re good right now. :-)

I hope you have an amazing weekend! :-D

PS: I got a couple more posts coming out later tonight, maybe. And definitely this weekend. My Rapid-Fire will be a little early this week because I’ve got somewhere to go on Sunday, so it’ll probably be posted by Sunday morning, since I’ll be out most of the day.


“The Snow Queen does push her buttons about baby Neal, but it’s not in a way where she’s jealous or that she feels slighted by her parents in any way,” Morrison explains. “I felt it more came from a place of sadness and pain that she missed out on that with Henry, and that her parents missed out on that with her, and that was something they were never going to be able to reclaim. It feels tragic.“ (x)


“When Henry brought me to Storybrooke, and he told me I was the saviour— I didn’t see what he was really doing. He was not bringing me back to break a curse. He was bringing me home.”