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sailor-swagg asked:

how do you make backgrounds how do you make them pls tell me how do you get a silhouette of a character how do you make cute patterns that are symmetrical im new to digital art and this is frustrating pls help ((I use sketchbook for galaxy btw))

My best advice would be to poke all of the tools you have available just to see what they do! That’s the best way to learn how to use a new digital program (sometimes I still spend an hour or two doing this before I get stuck in with a drawing). Don’t expect to be amazing first go just because it’s digital - that’s not how it works. But don’t give up because of frustration either! <3

Now, my knowledge of Sketchbook isn’t the greatest as I haven’t been using it for very long and I’ve never used the version for a mobile/tablet, but I’m fairly sure it has a handy “mirror” tool (the later desktop versions do, at least), which lets you draw on one half of the canvas and it gets mirrored on the other half. That would be a quick way of getting a symmetrical pattern for sure. Another option would be to draw part of said pattern, and then copy and paste it into a new position (maybe rotating or flipping to get a different effect). 

To get the silhouette of a character like I’ve done here, here and here, you need to, after finishing your colouring:

  • EITHER merge all your layers excluding the background (this is important), and then duplicate it so that you’ve got three layers: your fully coloured character, a duplicate, and a separate background layer
  • OR put all of your layers into a group (again, excluding the background), duplicate the group and then merge the layers in that duplicate group so that you’ve got: your original group with your separate layers preserved, a single layer where everything for your character is merged and a separate background layer
  • Select the option to lock the pixels of the duplicated layer of your character (technically known as “preserve transparency”)
  • Fill the layer with a colour that goes nicely with whatever colour scheme you have going on
  • Place the layer to underneath your original character layer(s) but above the background and then just move it around the canvas until it’s in a nice position!

I’m not entirely sure I’ve explained that as clearly as possible - I’m not in front of Photoshop or Sketchbook Pro at the minute so I’m unable to take screenshots of the process. I should do a proper tutorial…

I hope that’s answered some of your questions! I’d still consider myself a novice when it comes to backgrounds (or at least very very lazy when it comes to making them) so I’m perhaps not the best person to try and emulate. You should totally just go for it! 



Watch calif0rnia—dreamer :) she’s really good

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