Let me tell you why I love Newspaper…

  • Personally, this last week has been hellish. It’s nice to end the weekend with good food and great people.
  • Large Order of Chicken Carbonara from Buca di Beppo. nbd.
  • We have so much #swaff it’s crazy!
  • We make up cool words like #swaff.
  • Sometimes, Joao has to go places and can’t tell us about it. We told him to livetweet it instead.
  • We’re all really boss at Secret Santa.
  • Got Lynde that wolf hat.
  • Had her sister, Madelyn, last year.
  • Look at all the amazing stuffs she got me.
  • A gift card to Fat Straws (nomz) and a gift card for iTunes and Heath Bars (I already ate one) and Almond Joys!
  • Shout out to our Editor-in-Chief Erin! I love it all! AND I used that fancy app you told me about.
  • Of course, she can’t see this because she doesn’t follow me.
  • Gonna tweet her dis shit instead.

And that concludes Matthew’s Bullet List of Newspaper Frandship.

So I check my email and get a notification that an interview (had just sent an app to company) will be set the same day. Initial reaction, panic status. No clothes prepped, no hair did, nothing is set. Do I skip this email or rush it and improvise. Something I ask myself. Want to know the answer?

I can’t give this answer because I don’t even know it. It was a damn dream. Woke up all stressed. I mean really, mind? You got to mess with my emotions and play some games. Unbelievable. Gladly, this didn’t ruin a nice day. 

Swaff, SON! 

11 key moments in tabloid history - The Guardian

The Guardian

11 key moments in tabloid history
The Guardian
Thus was born the tabloid art of building up reader expectations on a tiny grain of truth. When Swaff … Newspaper bingo and cash prize competitions are one example, another is astrology, the tabloids’ specific and emphatic refutation of the …


Boleslaw. Outside of Poland (and the former Czechoslovakia, where it’s spelled Boleslav), it’s not a very well known name.

Many English speakers find it hilarious - or look at it with derision. “It sounds just like coleslaw,” some people proclaim after seeing it in written form. “It seems, you know, too food-like. Or foreign. But mainly too food-like.”

Why, then, would I adopt it as a name?

I like it. I like the way it sounds - it’s pronounced something like bowl-LE-swaff, a far cry from “coleslaw” with a B. I enjoy the meaning behind it - great glory gives it a good tinge of respectability. Plus, it pares well with my middle name, Dartagnan.

Poland’s a country I enjoy visiting, too, though that’s more of a secondary factor if anything.

What does it matter if it’s “foreign” or not? Names and naming traditions all vary across cultures. There’s no reason to dismiss something just because you’re not familiar with it.

I plan on being outside of my country of birth for long periods of time. I am foreign, everything is foreign - and putting up walls just because something is different is one of the worst things you can do as an expat, or in general.

That’s yet another reason why I adopted it: it’s a way to help encourage people to see the world differently and learn new things they might not have even thought of. It’s a subtle way to break down those barriers, but you’ve gotta start somewhere. I like sharing my experiences, the things I’ve learned, my opinions - and using that as a stepping stone to learn from others, too.

Studio is 2 wks away; Our pre-studio playlists

In 2 weeks we’ll be in the studio tracking for our next album! It’s an exciting time. Here’s what we’ve been listening to when not studying our pre-production demos as we prep for our sessions with Swaff. Listen on Spotify, and check out who picked what below:

Vince (songs):

  • Ben Howard - ‘I Forget Where We Were’
  • Bleachers - ‘Like a River Runs’
  • Coldplay - ‘Ink’
  • Haim - ‘If I Could Change Your Mind’
  • M83 - ‘I Need You’
  • Owl City - ‘Wolf Bite’
  • St. Lucia - ‘Elevate’
  • Switchfoot - ‘When We Come Alive’
  • Twin Forks - ‘Plans’
  • The 1975 - ‘Settle Down’

Hensley (albums):

  • Beatles - ‘Revolver’
  • Coldplay - ‘Ghost Stories’
  • Ryan Adams - ‘Gold’
  • The 1975 - ‘The 1975’
  • Death Cab for Cutie - ‘Narrow Stairs’
  • Augustana - ‘Life Imitating Life’
  • Brandon Flowers - ‘Flamingo’
  • Lupe Fiasco - ‘Food and Liquor’
  • Fleetwood Mac - ‘Fleetwood Mac’
  • Honestly - ‘Ghosts of a Brilliant Past’

BK (songs):

  • Huey Lewis & The News - ‘Power Of Love’
  • Augustana - ‘Need a Little Sunshine’
  • Butch Walker & the Black Widows - ‘Summer of ‘89’
  • Keith Urban - ‘Somewhere in My Car’
  • Matchbox Twenty - ‘The Way’
  • Fleetwood Mac - ‘Say You Love Me’
  • Michael Jackson - ‘Love Never Felt So Good’
  • Philip Bailey & Phil Collins - ‘Easy Lover’ 
  • Grace Potter and the Nocturnals - ‘Paris (Ooh La La)’
  • Tears For Fears - ‘Everybody Wants to Rule the World’
  • Hall & Oates - ‘Out of Touch’
  • Don Henley - ‘All She Wants To Do Is Dance’
  • The Wonders - ‘That Thing You Do’
  • The 1975 - ‘Settle Down’
  • Ryan Adams - ‘Gimme Something Good’
  • Def Leppard - ‘Hysteria’
  • Richard Marx - ‘Endless Summer Nights’
  • Heart - ‘What About Love’
  • Tom Petty - ‘You Wreck Me’
  • 80s Pop Pandora Station, obviously