Day 3

You might be confused as to why that says day 3.  Well I’ve already been out twice this year.  Day 1 (Ashbridges/Peanut) was pretty weak, more so just a test of my new suit.  Day 2 (Ashbridges/Beach) seemed like it was going to be a write off until we noticed some small waves breaking, which built a tiny bit and I ended up getting a few fun rides in.  OH, I picked up a new GoPro! Very excited about that.

I had been keeping an eye on the weather and saw some S/SW winds 25-35 km/h in the forecast for today.  Stoke set in.  I informed Sascha about this and he was down to check out our local breaks.  After work we met up and drove over to Ashbridges.  The wind had died down by now and after exploring the various spots we came to the conclusion that A) The wind direction/duration/strength was not enough to create waves or B) we had missed the waves by a couple of hours.  It was almost working the most westerly point, but not enough power was in the water.

We left there and made a quick stop at R.C. Harris, just to check out the spot and hoping maybe there was something working there.  Again, nothing.  Our hope had faded, but we thought that we should check out Bluffers.  Unfortunately the winds had not made enough of an impact on the lake to create surf here either.  You win some and you lose some, this one was definitely a loss

BUT we did get to check out a bunch of different breaks and enjoy the nice weather we are having as of late.  I’m heading to Mexico on Wednesday with my lady (not to surf, just some quality R&R) and am hoping the winds and waves are good to everyone on the lakes!