S: And so, when they were discussing the scene where Sousuke gives Gou his jackets, all of a sudden, the editing director Takao-san said: “I’M IN SHOCK!” and when asked about what, he said “I THOUGHT GOU-CHAN WAS GOING OUT WITH REI!”
to which Yoneda-san, in charge of colors, replied “I thought she was with Mako-chan!” and an assistant to the editing director said “Me too!”. And so the staff started fighting a bit about who Gou-chan was going out with. But director Utsumi raised her voice, saying “Everyone, calm down! Gou isn’t going out with anyone!”
And so, we could go back to work

**Venus Descending**, by Damian_McCudden_Photography

Hey! Well this has been the best week for photographers for quite some time with nearly every morning and afternoon erupting in spectacular colours as the sun sets and rises! I’ve been out for 2 sunset shoots this week and they’ve been incredible! I took this along the Eudlo Creek on the Sunshine Coast in Australia the other evening, It was a spectacular scene as this old tree leans over the creek. I really hope you like this shot, Thanks for looking!

Coś we mnie odeszło kiedy przestałem patrzeć na ludzi jak na tajemnice, które mogą być powierzone tylko mi. Coś we mnie odeszło kiedy przestałem zastanawiać się czy najpierw wlewasz mleko czy wsypujesz płatki. Coś we mnie odeszło i uparcie nie chce wrócić, bo świat bez pytań jest wygodniejszy i jakoś spokojniej się w nim oddycha. Coś we mnie odeszło i teraz widzę się z tobą już trzeci raz w tygodniu a nadal nie wiem jak masz na imię.

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Do you think Kendall maybe got the littlest injections in her lips. I've seen pictures from when she was like 13-16ish and her lips look so different. In the picture, her lips were rosy so maybe that was it. Because now, she only pretty much uses nude lipstick. Which makes your lips appear bigger. What do you think she does?

No, her lips look exactly the same: 

Age 14 and age 19 (last pic taken the other day). Same lips. 

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What's a book you'd recommend reading?

This is a list of books that changed my life whether by teaching me something or make me question myself. [Must read books]

Aside from that, it’s hard for me to make a blind recommendation because I don’t really know what your tastes are or what your intention is. So I’ll just throw in some not too well known great books:

-14 by Peter Clines - Strange apartment complex with a bunch of secrets in it. I’d say it’s a cross between Scooby Doo (tv), Lost (tv), and The Outer Limits(tv). This is one of those books I can probably listen to (because I almost exclusively listen to audiobooks) for hours in the night and I have. It’s eerie but the characters are comical so it’s a good mix.

-D-List Supervillian series by Jim Bernheimer - Okay picture this, Tony Stark without all the money or status and a shit heaps of misfortune because he pissed off his boss who happens to be one of the most idolized superhero. This book is great because the main character isn’t really a bad guy but life just kinda doesn’t give him any other options. Lots of fun moments in this series.

-Earth Abides by George R. Stewart - Raise your hand if you ever played Virtual Villagers. If you didn’t raise your hand, you should probably start playing it. But anyway, post-apocalyptic and must rebuild society. What I loved most about this book is the ecology of this book. I’m a sucker for zoology and evolution studies and it’s cool to hear how all the animals adapt to the billions of humans dead.

So yeah, if you want to add me on Goodreads or check out the other books I read click here: [Goodreads]

 If you want to ask me about any books or anything just send me an ask, I love book questions.