So some guy randomly popped up on my Twitter making some unsourced claim and I informed him that I can legally be denied an apartment once I’m married on the premise of being married to a woman. So then he fucking said probably because I parade around all hours of the night in latex having public orgies. For one, my profile pic literally makes me look like a fourteen year old kawaii girl. That’s fucking disgusting. So I informed him that I’m asexual and he said that it was truly disappointing that I refuse to participate in the continuation of the human race. I am so. Fucking. Pissed. lowpro-file-74 dO SOMETHING I’M MAD


Winchester codes

A Black Hole in a Grand Design Spiral Galaxy - M74

Grand Design Spiral Galaxies are classified by their symmetrical spiral arms emanating from a central nucleus. M74, or NGC628, is a face-on spiral galaxy known for its grand design structure. M74 is home to some 100 billion stars; It is and is dotted with clusters of young blue stars and glowing pink regions that will form protostars. In 2002, the Chandra Space Observatory gained evidence that M74 contains an intermediate mass black hole. After studying variations in the amount of X-rays emitted by certain stars, Astrophysicists determined that the mass of the black hole is approximately 10,000 times the mass of our sun.

CreditNASA, ESA, and the Hubble Heritage (STScI/AURA)-ESA/Hubble Collaboration, Chandra Space Observatory