As was often the case, Aya stood alone in the bridge and watched lines of coding scroll across the holoscreen in front of her.

Something was wrong. Not in the “repairs on the warp drive will take nine months” sense, or anything like that. Just in the sense that something wasn’t quite right. And it wasn’t just an imaginary something, either, because Aya could feel something running around in her coding, skimming through her programming and hiding every time she tried to scan for it.

So that was pretty bad, actually. It took less than a line of coding out of place to cause problems, but no problems had been caused yet. Green Lanterns Hal and Kilowog were prone to overreaction and worry, and so they hadn’t been informed.

She had merely… suggested they land on a neighbor friendly planet to restock the Interceptor’s food supplies while she ran an update.

In theory, not flying the ship would make it easier to focus on her scans, solely because she would have more resources available for allocation, which would make it easier to locate the Something.


Winchester codes