This is part 1 of 2 of the last Star comic I did before Star vs the Forces of Evil went into development at Disney. At the time I had decided to make it a web comic with a through line where I would post a page a week or something. Its interesting looking back at these early incarnations and see how much the concept has changed and also stayed the same.  


“I think earth is a pretty great place, that’s saying something ‘cause I’ve been through outer space!”

Star Butterfly is definitely the most relatable character for me and I adore cosplaying her so much, most of these photos were just me goofing around but I like them all a lot??? This character has actually helped me feel more comfortable with being myself and I’m really thankful for her! Thank you Star for everything, I love you lots weirdo😈💕✨👑

Title: your name like a song I sing to myself

Author: misandrywitch (actualremus)

Why you should read it: In this AU, Mickey and Mandy left home and formed a folk band, meeting Ian when they started playing in the bar where he works. Enjoy unique premise and the slow burn as Ian and Mickey come together in fits and starts. The story also features a heavy dose of Ian and Mandy friendship, and Mandy gets her own romance that is continued in another story set in the same universe.

Favorite line: “I’m gonna be late–” Ian says but Mickey cuts him off because he reaches up to slide his hand around the back of Ian’s head through his still slightly-damp hair and leans forward and up a little on his toes, and kisses him.

Ian starts a little in surprise, then his hand lands on Mickey’s shoulder and he kisses Mickey back, gently. Mickey has never understood kissing for the sake of kissing if it doesn’t go on to lead to sex until he understood the press of Ian’s mouth to his and the way Ian’s chin bumps up a little against his chin and how Ian’s fingers feel against the bare skin of his shoulder. It isn’t going anywhere or demanding anything, it’s just them in this moment, together, kissing. It just is.

He pulls back. Ian is staring at him, his face a little pink and his eyes bright and his mouth curving into a smile, and he is probably the most beautiful thing Mickey has ever seen in his life.


Despite the minimun of light, at depth of 166 m below ocean surface is possible to find live algaes.

In 2011 scientists interested in mapping the seabed habitats, using cameras in the cold waters of a glacial fjord in the Norwegian Svalbard archipelago in the Arctic Ocean, they found what they believe is a brown (Phaeophyceae) or red alga (Rhodophyta). 

Unfortunately, in the absence of voucher specimens, it is impossible to say with absolute certainty that the observed organisms are not in fact something else, such as a hydrozoan, but in every respect, the organisms certainly appear algal in nature. Superficially, is similar in shape to Desmarestia aculeata.

This report is not the deepest record of macroalgal presence in the world (there is a crustose coralline algae living at 189-268 m, in a seamount off San Salvador), but it may very well be the deepest macroalgal record to date for the high Arctic