Man, I just had my first glass of Suudsu. It’s a Homestar Runner/Strong Bad drink:

Fucking sucks dick, I can’t believe I blew $2.50 on this shit. It was like drinking regular milk, since all the gummy bears were stuck to the bottom of the glass. Then, when you dig your hand into that glass for the gummies at the bottom, they were all goopy like a baby spit them out onto your hand before you ate that shit.

anonymous said:

I gave Foxy some rum last night. His behavior became erratic, unpredictable, and really funny to watch!

Thank you for contacting Fazbear Entertainment Corporation! For guaranteed consumer and corporate satisfaction, please submit your next query with a traceable identifier.

Rum and all other alcoholic substances are banned from usage in Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza.  However, in the event that an out-of-control individual feeds an animatronic such a substance, we recommend countering the effects of such depressants with a stimulant.  Our typical remedy is a tablespoonful of Sanka mixed thoroughly with twelve ounces of orange juice.  If such efforts fail, prepare sixteen ounces of skim milk and half a cup of gummy bears and deposit resulting suudsu in the animatronic’s oral cavity.