To my favorite person ever.
I know today isn’t going much of your way but I will always be here to pick up the peices and take care of you. I love you most and don’t want you to feel alone. Your mine and I’m yours. I love you larky

globbyspaceprincess asked:

jinx me

[] I’d go out with you.
[x] I think your cute.
[] You should talk to me more.
[x] I don’t really know you.
[] You’re one of my closest friends.
[] I think you look 1-5 out of 10.
[x] I think you look 6-10 out of 10.
[] I’d give you my number.
[] I’d date you.
[] I hate you.
[] I’d sing for you.
[] You’re beautiful.
[] I’d cook for you.
[] Smash.
[] Pass.
[x] Idk.

globbyspaceprincess asked:

It sucks but at least you know it can't get worse from here, stay high mama

thats what i thought then my mother just pretty much caught me blazing on the front porch xD but she seems almost indifferent. so whatever :) you too love <3 stay lifted