Gardens Across America

Here Is a shot with Ben Cohen & his one year old son Anakin, Along with The Botanical Explorer Joseph Simcox. We pulled up to Ben’s Home In Michigan unannounced and surprised him with some of the rarest beans on the Planet. The Bean the Ben is holding was Named after his son and is now known as the ” Anikan Kavilii Giant Bean”. We will be filming a series of videos where we pull up to Serious Gardeners home with a surprise visit, an give there extremely rare seeds to Grow, You could be next!

The beauty of this design lies in its simplicity. Craftspeople from the Chiang Mai area in Northern Thailand create this piece with the simplest of tools. The sustainable wood is called Monkey Pod wood. The Minimal use of electric hand sanders are used in the finishing process. All products are dried in solar or propane kilns. No chemicals are used in the process, ever. This is an eco friendly functional art piece, made from the thick branches of the quick-growing Acacia tree in Thailand.

Read more about this Twist End Table here. 


Freedom Cove is a magnificently constructed and colourful off-grid float-home and garden, only accessible by boat. If your ambition is to go off grid, Wayne and Catherine —along with their two kids— have more or less developed the perfect system.Their floating home and garden system includes about twelve platforms, supporting a number of wooden structures, living spaces, and greenhouses—all interconnected through a wooden pathway system.

The electricity is largely supplied through solar panels and photovoltaic energy generators. The numerous greenhouses produce veggies and fruit all year round, allowing Wayne and Catherine to be completely self-sustainable. In fact, this system has been sustaining itself for the last 20 years. The two are also respected artists within their surrounding community.

Happy holidays! I am going to have another update actually involving pictures of a building, but I wanted to pick my favorite architecture book of 2014: Green Walls Green Roofs: Designing Sustainable Architecture.

I mean, I am a vegan and a hippie and I listen to NPR, so of course I love a book about healthy architecture… But this book is really inspiring, reminding me that architecture can actually be a force for health and good as opposed to just innovation and aesthetics.

Not that there’s anything wrong with innovation and aesthetics… But incorporating living material into buildings seems like a very noble way forward.