Meet ELMA, the extremely functional yet beautiful convertible backpack that you can wear all day long and then in the evening it can transform in to an elegant handbag. It is delicately and expertly crafted by hand with a unique folding technique which involves no stitching, only using one large piece of beautifully tanned nubuck leather!

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This design started off as a drawing on a piece of notebook paper illustrating ways to use roof design and window layout to create a home that heats and cools itself. The home’s design is centered around the clerestory roof angles while most tiny homes start with the size of the trailer. From the start little Wosho was geared for efficiency. 

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For this LEED-for-Homes Platinum-certified project—an addition to a house JFAK designed over a decade ago—green strategies are seamlessly integrated into a unique sculptural aesthetic. Ehrlich Retreat + in Santa Monica, California designed by John Friedman Alice Kimm Architects (JFAK). Photography by Fotoworks.

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These folks feed their family with a garden in their swimming pool — and you can, too!

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Supertree grove

These structures aren’t exactly real trees. Instead, you’re looking at a unique project in the Gardens by the Bay, built in the last decade on reclaimed land on the island of Singapore. This is the Supertree Grove, containing 25 to 50 meter high “trees” constructed as a major park feature.

These structures are built on metal frames that overlie concrete cores, but they’re designed to integrate into the surrounding ecosystem and help regulate the environment of the park as well. 

Each of the supertrees is covered with planting panels that allowed for the growth of live plants on the structures. The plants chosen were a selection of native and imported plants capable of growing in an elevated/hanging position with no soil; over 162,000 separate plants were placed on the walls of these trees. Some of the Supertrees also have photovoltaic cells built into them; others are designed to help process air through the park as part of an integrated cooling system, contributing to the sustainability goals of the project. 

At night, some of the power generated by the supertrees is pumped back out to light them up, turning the landscape into a nighttime light show, built on a backbone of sustainable and fascinating construction.


Image credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/adforce1/8100691354/ (creative commons license)

Read more: http://www.gardensbythebay.com.sg/en/the-gardens/attractions/supertree-grove.html