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baethoven-and-hozart asked:

momma im scared someone from my past who was abusive, one of their friends commented on my deviantart. they're saying we should talk on skype. im nervous.. im shaking, i want to throw up, i want to cry.. im hyperventilating. please what should i do. i think the abusive friend gave her my deviantart. help please

Block them. This person is a stranger to you. Why would you owe them any time or conversation. You don’t want to talk to them. They make you uncomfortable, they make you panic, and they’re known associates with someone who has hurt you. Just block them.

You do Not have to respond in any fashion.

As for the possibility of your abuser directing people to your deviantart profile, perhaps consider a change of username? Maybe even archive your work into a zipfile and make a new account if that’s what would make you feel safe.

-Lou the Lobster


when you’re taking selfies and then your mom tells u to stop 

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Is it important to tell your family about your sexuality? I feel like they deserve to know but at the same time it's none of their business. Like... Why should my mother know what I do in the bedroom? Is there any issues with not telling them?

I personally don’t think so. For the same reason you stated. What business is it of theirs? None. It’s none of their business.

The only issues I can see, are safety and trust. It’s just not safe for a lot of people to come out to family. And some people might say that, if there’s no threat of safety, then you ought to trust your family with this information.

But you do not have to. It’s really just none of their business.

-Lou the Lobster

breadisnotboring asked:

I know that it's a common/generic question, but I was wondering what a good way to tell it to my parents that I'm bi is. Im dont allow me to date (which is fine with me), but my mom has only ever said it in the context of boys. She's def not homophobic, but her side of the family might be. I'm not sure about my dad, but he's probably not since he's intelligent and Ive never heard him say bad things about it. Ive been procrastinating it since it wouldnt affect life until college b/c no dating

Coming out is hard. You’ve got a decent chance of a good outcome. You can either go with the bandaid method, waiting until you are all together and just saying “Mom, Dad, I’m Bi.” You could also come out to them individually, which would take longer but it may be easier for you to just speak to them one at a time. Assuring them that you consider the no dating rule to apply to any gender may also help you a bit.

You could always get creative, bake a cake or give them cards or something. It’s really a matter of personal taste and what you feel would be best received.

-Lou the Lobster

anonymous asked:

Hello Sea Family. I am a trans girl and have identified as such for some time now, but I have yet to tell anyone about it. I've thought of telling my parents but they're are super religious and I know they would disprove. And so I've been feeling a bit down lately, and I feel like if I told someone about it I'd be a bit happier. But I'm also very nervous about telling anyone. What can I do?

Hm, are there any online friends that you could tell and it wouldn’t somehow get back to your parents? Someone that you could trust to keep it between you until you tell them you want someone else to know?

Coming out is always scary. Finding someone you can trust to come out to is a great thing. A risky thing, but with a comforting payoff. If you’d like you can come off anon and tell us, just mark your ask private or don’t post so we know not to out you to anyone you don’t want knowing.

-Lou the Lobster


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