Muscle Memory

I think exercising the mind once in a while is good for you. Lately people started to lose memory abilities, with the use of technology, they cant memorize a phone number any more or do simple math calculations, they rely on phones, on pcs and internet. Why memorize if we have wikipedia that does it for us?

They made me wonder does this happens in digital art too? Some people cant even memorize the brushes settings they suse, if the software crashes or lost the brushes files, they wont be able to remade the brushes on their own.

I had seen people that do the most incredible realistic images, but when you tell them to draw from the mind they draw like a 3 year old. Maybe is because they rely on photos and layers tracing on top, or using a 3d software and put the anatomy position for them. some people mocked me that my way of thinking was sooo 2009, that people right now just copy, thats the new thing.

You cna lern from copies sometimes, if you put attention and try to memorize, is always good to have a balance, a good amount of references practices with models, and myabe just a bit of drawing from imagination to see if you memorized parts of anatomy. If you do this you will have a healthy mind. Dont just copy to copy and paste, copy to memorize, try to understand why the form blends that way.

Keep you mind in shape try to memorize a pose or something a day by looking at references, even if you dont draw from mind to final products, but just to kept a helthy mind, doesnt matter if your work its based on photography.

Rely on memory muscle and not on memory bits.

sUsing only song names from one artist, cleverly answer these questions. pass it on to 15 some people. try not to repeat a song title, it’s a lot harder than you think!

I was tagged by topp-swaggy-klass. I just saw this now. ><

Pic your artist: Topp Dogg.. Bc… Yeah, that alsoo means their mixtapes. right?

what is your gender: Cute Girl
describe yourself: Annie
how do you feel: Keep Smiling
describe where you currently live: Playground
if you could go anywhere, where would you go: Aro
your favourite form of transportation: Taxi on the phone
your best friend is: Always by your side
you and your best friends are: Still Alive
favourite time of day: So busy at 1′ Oclock
if your life was a tv show, what would the title be: TopDog
what is life to you: Peekaboo
your relationship: She’s So sensetive
your fear: Salieri

I’ll tag: sarangyeol exo-xoxox theescapewithinmysoul heroofferelden extremehomestuckshipping someguywithablog fetusfromthestars assbuttfaceplant sugadoodle chi-senpai cho-cutie sedirktive sexysangwon

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thesoundlessvoid asked:

Slurred words

She slammed her empty cube down, grumbling irritably.

“Don’ even getnm e sTARte3d on that stpudid… fragigng deceptiocn. HEs IS WAY too bg okay? like ohh, I’m sOO SCAred cuz yer so ooOO big.”
She ordered another drink.

“Neutral? I dunno ID opnlt tihnk he is. eVen IF he si neutral now HE SUSed be a CON. fragignk. EH prolly kileld bots I likesd! not even that I BEt he jsut KILLS BOts in general and he’s sO SUTPID and sTUPID!! I ahte.”

She drank the whole thing and slammed down the empty glass once more.
“ID ont’ care hwo HOT youi are, if you’re sTUDPI yer STUPID!!”

múdrosti staré

Okolo nás flashbacky a irónie,

bludy, sračky všetko hnije.

Denno-denne prežívať 

znamená sa nehýbať!

A fakt jebte na to,

rána stoja za to,

aby sa ti postavil

a sused sa ti pozdravil,

keď si vyšiel z bytu,

tak dosť toho šitu,

usmievaj sa kým sa dá,

kým ti kvitne záhrada.

Vypil si dosť rannej kávy

vidíš kráčať šťastné pávy,

neviem kam to všetko speje,

dym za tebou trochu veje.


nech si kto chce prežíva,

ja nebudem

hniť zaživa.

Zelené, tu bolo, bude.

na chodníku s tebou,

 v kľude

Back in March, we announced the availability of Google Cloud Launcher where (at the time) you could launch more than 120 popular open source application packages that have been configured by Bitnami or Google Click to Deploy. Since then, we have received many customer requests for additional solutions. We heard you!

Today, less than three months after launch, we have added 25 new solutions to Cloud Launcher. Recent additions include: Chef, Crate, OpenCart, Sharelock, Codiad and SimpleInvoices  - and new solutions are being added on an ongoing basis.

We are also announcing the addition of 14 new operating systems to Cloud Launcher. These include Windows, Ubuntu, Redhat, SUSE, Debian and CentOS.  Moreover, we’ve simplified the initial creation flow to make things even faster and simpler.

Figure 1 - The updated Cloud Launcher operating system section

To help users compare these solutions, we’ve updated the Cloud Launcher interface with detailed information on pricing, support (for OS), and free trial.

Figure 2 - The updated Cloud Launcher detailed solution interface

And finally, in line with our vision of providing customers with complete solutions that can be rapidly deployed, Google Cloud Monitoring is now integrated out of the box with 50 solutions. Built-in reports for components such as MySQL, Apache, Cassandra, Tomcat, PostgreSQL, and Redis provide DevOps an integrated view into their application.

Figure 3 - Google Cloud Monitoring Dashboard for Apache Web Server

You can get started with Cloud Launcher today to launch your favorite application packages on Google Cloud Platform in a matter of minutes. And do remember to give us feedback via the links in Cloud Launcher or join our mailing list for updates and discussions. Enjoy building!

- Posted by Ophir Kra-Oz, Group Product Manager (from Google Cloud Platform Blog)

Esther 4 . 16

“Va rassembler tous les Juifs qui se trouvent à Suse et jeunez pour moi ! Ne mangez et ne buvez rien pendant 3 jours, ni la nuit ni le jour. Moi aussi je respecterai un tel jeûne avec mes servantes, et ces dans ces dispositions que je pénétrerais chez le roi : j’enfreindrai la loi et, si je dois mourir, je mourrai.”