A hand printed limited run of these shirts will be on artesempre.com tomorrow evening. The Plan: I’m going to wake up, eat a breakfast burrito, ride my bike, print these shirts, paint something, eat another burrito, put them on the site, then ride my bike again. #survivalofthehappiest

This is such a different and remarkable mountain because in the mornings when you start out, it looks dire, covered in fog, mist and sometimes rain. You sometimes cannot see 10 feet in front of your handlebar, but as each pedal stroke carries you forward and higher, the sun starts to break though, slowly at first, and then more frequently , and it is the sun’s promise that keeps you going . The anticipation that there’s a whole different world above this oblivion you’re pushing through. And when you’re up there, and you look down at what you’ve climbed through, it’s the contrast of fog that makes the top of the mountain what it is. Often painting is very similar. #survivalofthehappiest