The Lady Regrets

I’m finally watching the season finale of the worst show on TV (which I’m shamefully addicted to/hate watching).

The finale aired July 7th. I was saving it because I *knew* in my heart of hearts it wouldn’t get renewed because it’s terrible.

I just did some Googling. It got renewed.

Why. Dear god, why?! It’s awful and yet I can’t stop watching. Yes, there’s the whisper of an idea that revolves around one of my academic obsessions, but really, that’s all gone now and has been since midway through season 1. Now it’s just full-on crap.

Crap that will hold me hostage for another season.


The things I’ll suffer through for abs.


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Leader bully maknae😅 why I’m LOLing so hard because of this😂😂😘💕✨
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Z Nation - 1x01 - "God, I hate moral dilemmas."

Tell me.
What it is like?
To feel safe…?

Most of us grow up knowing
the world is a dangerous place;
we’re told of stranger danger,
and not to go beyond eyes pace.

We’re warned of the unknown,
we see it on the nightly news;
we’re taught to be careful,
and what to do or not to do.

This knowledge is meant
to keep each of us safe,
or, at least prepared
in the eventual case…

Yet some never know,
what it’s like to experience,
the dangers of the world
without a moral conscience.

I know it all too well,
and it kills me inside;
every day is a trial,
not to go out with the tide.

With so many rip-tides,
one must swim parallel to shore,
to get out of the current,
and find solid ground once more.

But I have been swimming,
almost thirty years,
everyone says it gets worse,
none of them seers.

I feel the truth of it
deep in my bones,
in the very core of me,
which is never alone…

And still I’ve never known
this thing we call “Safe;”
tired of swimming,
tired of this aweful place.

Every day it gets harder,
to see through the shit;
to see the beauty of nature,
and not get lost in this pit.

I wish I knew
what it was like,
to feel this word,
in real life.

- solushospes, I’m not afraid to die, is living that’s the hard part…