Surrey Wildlife Trust’s grazing project has seen fantastic results; scrub has been devoured and beautiful mosaics of vegetation created. Species have appeared which have not been recorded on sites before, such as the yellow hairy dung fly, plus numbers of some threatened species have increased. The best example is Surrey’s sole colony of Bog Hair Grass, which was down to just a few plants in 2005 but increased to more than 30 plants following a couple of years’ grazing.

GPS tracking collars are used on the Trust’s cattle. These are carried by the lead animals and allow the Trust to monitor the herd’s use of an area to determine the patches in which they spend most of their time. These areas are then targeted for species surveys and vegetation monitoring.

- Conservation grazing


Spotlight: Katz Castle, Cobham.

Katz Castle is an animal shelter for cats that has been running for 40 years.They won a Pet Plan Volunteer award last year and are nominated again this year. Read more here.

All cats for adoption.

They are in need for volunteers if you are over 18 and live in the Cobham area!

Make a donation, sponser a cat or buy them something from their amazon wishlist. (They are always in need of food, towels, toys, treats and bedding.)

Need couch - Vancouver/Surrey BC, Canada

mtf, 19, looking for a couch in the vancouver - surrey area, but anywhere along the skytrain route is fine. only real restriction is mild cat allergy. previous landlord was ableist, trans-phobic etc, and am as a result without a place to stay. i can be reached at my blog (, or my cell (604) 353-2079, text only please.