Hey, just a sudden thought; can all us Sailor Moon blogs agree that, when we get more information about the 2013 anime and when it starts airing, we’ll tag all our posts about it with “Sailor Moon 2013 spoilers” (or just “2013 spoilers”), even if we’re just reblogging something? This is the first time since PGSM the fandom’s had anything we’ll actually need to put spoiler-tags on, so it can’t hurt to start thinking about it early.


‘Wake up Princess!’ Niall said playing with my hair. ‘Happy Birthday,’ he said as soon as I opened my eyes. He leaned in and gave me a soft but passionate kiss. It was different than all the other kisses. It felt intimate and full of love.

‘Thank You,’ I smiled. ‘Remind me why we’re up at 6 in the morning?’

‘It’s your birthday babe! Now dress up and get ready. We’re having a short trip.’

With that he kissed me once more and left the room. I dressed up and did my natural make up. I was wondering what that Irish boyfriend of mine was up too. He’s so sweet. He planned a day just for me.

All my thoughts were disrupted by a knock on the door. I trailed myself down to the stairs. Niall was coming up for me.

‘You have to put on this blindfold,’ he said laughing.


‘No. It’s a surprise. Come on you’ll love it!’ he said as he convinced me.

I let him blindfold me and he picked me up and carried me to the car. We chatted for a while until the cab came to a stop.

‘Can I take this thing off now?’ I asked while pouting my lips.

‘Not yet babe, very soon,’ he said as he took my hand and talked to some guy.

‘Ok. Take it off,’ he said. I undid the blindfold to find myself on a train.

‘Niall.. Is there something you want to tell me? Like where we’re going?’ I asked giggling.

‘Nope, I’m good. Just relax ok. You’re gonna love this. Now, for breakfast. Here’s a double chocolate croissant and a frappe,’ he said handing me the Starbucks bag. He knew exactly what my favorite beverages where.

After an hour or so travelling in the underground, the beautiful Paris view flashed in front of me.

‘So, as you can see, this is surprise 1. Happy Birthday Princess!’ he said excited.

We went to different places. He knew how much I loved it there. It felt romantic and peaceful. I flashed a couple of photos of us so that I can keep them as a reminder of my 3rd birthday with Niall. We’ve been dating this long. He took me for lunch and that’s when surprise 2 popped. Out of nowhere, the rest of the band came in and started singing Happy Birthday, along with a big chocolate cake with my face printed on it. They also gave me a small present each. Harry gave me this bracelet which had pictured of Niall and I in it , made of gold, Zayn gave me a pair of diamond earrings,  Liam gave me a hair stationer and Louis gave me this huge box full of Mac make up. Niall, being the gentleman I love, brought me a necklace which matches his with our names carved in them. He also handed me a ‘7 sins’ bag. I knew what it included. All the boys did.

After paying lunch and going for a walk all together, Niall made our way to the Eiffel Tower. He wanted us to climb to the very top. After 30 minutes climbing, we looked at the beautiful view until Louis got out his camera and started filming.

‘What are you doing?’ I asked laughing as I poked him.

‘Shhhh. You won’t regret this,’ he replied with a half smile.

The ‘They Don’t Know About Us’ tune started and I listed to the whole performance while Louis filmed everything. A tear escaped my eyes. Just then, Niall kneeled down on his knees  and got out a box with a white bow on it.

‘These past three years were just a dream! You made my life perfect. I never understood what love was really like. I found out what it was by looking at your eyes. I’m in love with you and all your little things. Fernanda, will you marry me?’ he asked nervously, opening the box.

That’s when surprise 3 hit. My eyes teared up. I loved Niall, now he asked me to be his wife. This means we could spent our lives together.

‘Forever is a long time, but I don’t mind spending it with you! I’m yours!’ I said pulling him up, kissing every inch of his face.

As we made our way up, we made it down. It was already 6.

‘We have one last surprise for you,’ Harry said looking at me.

‘What would that be?’

‘We’re spending 2 days at the most popular 5 star hotel, here,’ Niall said grasping my hand.

‘Niall, we can’t! We don’t have any clothes!’ I said seriously.

‘Don’t worry beautiful. I packed up your bags ; sexy thongs and lacey clothes. You’re welcome Niall!’ teased Harry.

I honestly couldn’t ask for a better birthday. The boys are truly amazing!


Hope you like it beautiful people xx