Concerning the Arkenstone

It’s one of those nights where I google into the deep hours of the night and try to determine the composition of the Arkenstone! The film gave us a sort of fantasy glowing opal, but my results were different. In summary:

~=Cerussite is a ridiculously sparkly, heavy, and poisonous mineral associated with veins of gold which can also be poisoned. And it (with creativity) could conceivably be found in an extinct volcano.=~

Of course, there’s rather more where that came from because I don’t know when to stop when doing fantasy geology. 

Pictures, Tolkien quotes, and geology under the cut. Warning: long thorough!

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Shockingly cute iPhone unboxing!

It’s been a long time since we have posted something on our social channels, and we would like to thank you for your patience. We are back now, and with a new hopping landing page. We’ll add more stuff on it along the way.

There’s a contact information below and we’d love to hear from you. To friends who participated in the “Pleased to meet you” project”, you can use that email to send us your mailing address, and we’ll ship your prints soonest. We will post the instructions, separately. :)


Happy Holidays!