When You Are Close, I Am Gone
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  • When You Are Close, I Am Gone

The Saddest Landscape & My Fictions - When You Are Close, I Am Gone

We are all scared. We are all stuck. Dreaming of better days that will never come.

We will always find new ways to let each other down. New ways to scare ourselves. So if this is what you hold onto I will protect it. We burn with friendly fire. 


Friends share secrets, that’s what keeps them close and liars are one tight knit group. I think it’s because they all share the same secret. They either witnessed or did something horrible (I know they helped in the blinding of Jenna Marshall, but I think there is something else like that but worse) They swore to each other and to themselves that they would never talk about it. They talked themselves into believing that nothing happened and they have done it for so long that they have surpressed the truth.

I think Alison’s answer to who she was afraid was a little cryptic. She basically told Hanna that the four of them combined remember more about that night than they think they do and that they are all better off with a really good lie. I think it was not WHO she was afraid of but WHAT….and she was afraid of the truth. she needed the girls to stick together and keep their secret in order to make it safe to come home. She even reminded them to shhhh.

I think that is why they are being targeted. -A wants the truth to come out and is determined to torture it out of them until they crack.

I am pushed down
And my claws scrape the walls
I just want to get out
Why not give me that trivial accomplishment
I just don’t like to be stuck down here
You know you can’t hold me back forever
You’ll have to let go some day
And when I go
I will tear that pretty little mask of your face
I hope that whoever is facing you then is prepared
Because I will start slow
I will open op all the doors
And when it starts flowing I will rip them of their hinges
You won’t be able to stop
—  My Fear