The arrivals of ‘Constantine,’ ‘The Flash’ and ‘Gotham’ gave DC Comics a monopoly on superhero TV, but CBS’ forthcoming ‘Supergirl’ series might be the strongest of them all. Find out what take on Kara Zor-El ‘Supergirl’ will bring to CBS, as well as what other roles are in the mix, and what Superman has to do with it!

Per TVLine, the first casting call for DC producer Greg Berlanti’s ‘Supergirl’ fully incorporates the character’s Kryptonian origins, as well as the “Danvers” surname imagined as the family who took her in, but it doesn’t seem as if Clark Kent or his more famous alter-ego factor into it. The series is also looking to cast Kara’s foster sister Alex, who skews more toward the scientific than her ‘Super’ counterpart.


uxoriosis said:

Hi! My name is Ange, I'm genderqueer and a fan of the Carmilla series- it's totally great, and one of my favorite novellas ever! I was really pleased obviously by LaFontaine being nb (lol, esp. since my surname is Fontana) and I wanted to say thank you for that. However, I have to ask a question because I'm rather worried? I'm kind of worried that Perry is going to be easily forgiven for her transphobia (if she even owns up to it) or forgotten? Will this be addressed in a serious manner? Sorry!

Hi, yes, thank you for watching and enjoying the show! Also this is a great question!

I won’t get into specifics of how this is discussed in-universe because ~spoilers~ but you should know that this is an ongoing dialogue. You, and a few other people I’ve seen posting about this, are rightly concerned about Perry’s Not Getting It and general lack of comprehension LaF’s situation.

What I think is missed, however, in labeling the entire exchange as “transphobia” is that transition and questioning gender identity is hard on everyone. It shouldn’t be, but because of how people are socialized, it can be challenging. It is hardest on the individual who is questioning, and rightfully so; but everyone struggles with getting it right and making people feel accepted because cis people Do Not Think About This Stuff until they are forced to confront it. They should, but they don’t because trans/nb people are not visible in society in a way that they should be.

I have been Perry in this situation. Slip-ups happen. Gender in the English language is easy to define and correct, but it is harder in other languages. Pronouns are hard, understanding the nb/trans experience can be incredibly challenging to a cisgendered mind that has literally never had to think about this before.

It isn’t like the text post I see floating around on tumblr with ‘if someone tells you they’re x pronoun then they’re x pronoun it isn’t hard,’ because gender in language is a lot like breathing. You have to think to correct yourself until you relearn how to do it instinctively. You’re going to fuck up, you’re going to say hurtful things (be it intentionally or unintentionally), you’re going to seem like you don’t get it.

For me it took actually misgendering my boyfriend (completely blithely, not even thinking about it) and his forcefully correcting me, before I stopped fucking it up. I still sometimes slip up, even though I think I can chalk it up now to the same pronoun substitution confusion I have occasionally.

Perry is in that period where she is still processing what LaF has told her. We don’t know when this came up in the show’s canon, but I would tell you that it’s okay to assume that it’s a pretty recent development. My boyfriend’s parents are now two years into knowing about his transition are still fucking up his pronouns. They’re better with his name, but pronouns are hard for them. These things, especially for those closest to us, take time.

One day, it’ll click, though, and you’ll finally understand. Sometimes it takes reading literature written for or by trans persons, sometimes it takes a long dialogue when both parties are willing to listen. It isn’t perfect, it isn’t even good, and perhaps it is transphobic in how Perry’s handling it. But I would ask, as a person who’s done what Perry’s done, and who has gone through an evolution in my own understanding of trans/nb people, to allow Perry the time to do the same thing before you dismiss her (or her actions) as transphobic.

diggertron said:

Patchouli Knowledge

Your favorite character, Patchouli Knowledge, from Touhou Project, is a dweeb for the following reasons:

  • Has a gigantic library that is constantly growing in size to accomidate new books ever day to further her already vast knowledge
  • Her surname is less a surname, but rather a literal representation of the amount she knows
  • Has a system for referring to people; Intruders and thieves are “rats”, and guards as “cats”. She then rates the “catness” (effectiveness) of a guard on a scale of 1 to 96, because 96 is the highest number that’s under 100 that is divisible by both 2 and 3

i mean does everyone just forget that in order for stan and the twins to share a surname he’d have to have a brother (or a sister, possibly). twin might be stretching it but i think it makes for a nice parallel between the mystery twins and [mystery twins classic]

and while it could just be that their character is irrelevant to the story (and i understand), the fact that theyve never been mentioned once has always made me pretty suspicious. why arent the twins staying with them? are they dead, or estranged, or MIA? what.

anonymous said:

hi um my chosen name doesnt go well at all with my surname and i have a rly nice surname picked but my fam will probs get really insulted if i fully change my name but gosh i really really want to but do you think theres any point or am i being stupid

Ren says:

I think there’s a point! If it makes you comfortable and happy it’s worth it.

To satisfy your family, you might consider moving your current surname to be your middle name, or letting them pick your middle name as a connection to your new name. Little concessions like that will usually calm them down. c:

myk-myk-myk said:

Prompt: Tuck Hansen (this means war) and Tom Hansen (500 days of summer) live at the same building. Because they have the same surnames and very similar names the postmen/couriers mix their mail. I want to see them flirting when they are exchanging their mail. Thank you!



Tuck went to his mailbox and after placing the key in the slot, he turned it and opened the tiny metal door. He took out his mail and stood there for a moment, glancing through it when he saw the name TOM Hansen. 

He sighed, flipping through a few letters seeing they were for Tom Hansen and he separated the letters and bits of junk mail from his own mail and went up to Tom Hansen’s apartment. 

He had come across Tom a few times, having to do the mail exchange a few times - Tom brought him his mail a few times too. Tom was cute too, he saw him a few times in the building, but other then the mail exchange, they hardly talked. Tom seemed shy and Tuck didn’t know how to draw him out. 

He went to Tom’s apartment and knocked and as soon as Tom opened the door, Tuck leaned on the doorway, grinning as he said,

"We should stop meeting like this."

Tom blushed a little but laughed as he took the offered mail.

"Thanks. Oh…wait I have some of yours."

Tuck waited as Tom stepped to the side of the door where a small table was and Tom lifted up a few letters and handed them to Tuck.

"I meant to give them to you yesterday but I came home late and I didn’t want to bother you."

"You’re never a bother, love."

The pink reappeared in Tom’s face as Tuck stepped back with a smile.


Tom nodded and Tuck left.

The next time it happened, it was a little more than some letters. Tuck opened his door and saw a package in front of his door. He sighed, picking it up and reading the name on the box - Tom Hansen.

It was his day off, he was still in his sweats and plain t-shirt so he threw on his trainers and headed to Tom’s apartment. He knocked and waited and Tom answered.

"This would stop happening if we just lived together."

Tom blushed deeply as he took the package.

"Sorry about that."

"It’s not your fault. Anything for me today?"

"I haven’t gone down yet."

"Well, you know where I live."

He winked at Tom and then left.

It was few days later that Tuck had just gotten home, mail in hand - all his own this time and set his things down. He was still going through his letters when there was a knock on the door. He answered it and saw Tom on the other side.

"Mail call."

Tuck smiled, taking the letters as he said,


"Nothing for me?"

"Nothing I’m afraid."


Tuck noticed how Tom hadn’t moved and he was fidgeting as if he wanted to say something. So Tuck pretended to go through his letters a little longer, wishing he had some of Tom’s mail as an excuse to keep him a bit more. Finally Tom said,



"I was…uh wondering…something."

Tuck leaned against his door frame again and waited, seeing Tom’s face turn red and it was adorable.

"Would you…want to go out with me sometime."

Tuck smiled, admiring Tom’s bit of courage considering Tuck himself hadn’t made a move yet.

"I’d love to. When is good for you?"

"Well…uh…how about now?"

Bold. Tuck really admired him now.

"Sure, you already came to pick me up."

Tom turned redder and Tuck picked up his keys as he left with Tom.


"It doesn’t matter — whatever we do. I mean, it turns out that you and me, we’re the, uh - the fire and the oil of the Armageddon. You know, on that basis alone, we should just pick a hemisphere. Stay away from each other for good. Because whatever we have between us — love, family, whatever it is — They are always gonna use it against us. The point is, maybe we are each others’ Achille’s heel. Maybe they’ll find a way to use us against each other, I don’t know. I just know we’re all we got. More than that, we keep each other human. So, what do we do now? We make our own future.”